Thyroid Started Working Again - Must be the Supplements !

Hi Folks,

I have been hypothyroid for 10 years and been on 100mg of thyroxine tablets. Another thing also I blamed on the radiation I had on my neck 25 years ago.

I received a call from GP to get it checked before christmas but didnt bother as forgot. Then I got a letter a month ago so I went on Tuesday to get it done finally. Well, got a call yesterday and my thyroxine levels are now through the roof apparently and the doctor seems to think my thyroid had decided to work again after being asleep for 10 years! So off the tablets immediately.

The only new things that I have started to take since it was last checked are the Statins (prescribed by neuro to help prevent neurodegeneration) and the supplements MAX GXL and Biotin (large doses have been shown to help with progressive MS).

MaX GXL is supposed to help your body grenerate more Glutathione which is supposed to be the mother of all antioxidants. Antioxidants are supposed to kill free radicals which are apparently responsible for neurodegeration. When I was reading testimonials on it one guy said that it cured his hypothyrodism.

I have what look likes progressive MS but dont tick enough boxes for a dx. My problem might still be MS or the fact that I had inflammation when I had radiation and now got neurodegeneration in that area.

If the MAX gxl has brought my thyriod back from the dead that I certainly hope it will do the same for some sick area of my cervical spinal cord.

Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna

Very interesting, what you’ve written.

Did the doc have any suggestions as to what may have kick started your thyroid? Usually you would be treated for the rest of you life.

Good luck and I hope you see other in improvements in your health


Hi Blossom,

I have not had an appointment to discuss it yet. Today I had another blood test to check it as I have been off the thyroxine for a week.

Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna

I will be interesting to get an update on your blood results.

Good luck xx