Double Doh! thyroid gone to pot!

Hi all I gotta bit of a feeling this may be common (we will see) but got good news and bad news at doctors today. Bad news is gotta another lifelong med to add to list as I now have under active thyroid which could make me tired (not sure I will notice with all other meds!), GAIN weight (maybe it wasn’t hot cross buns, cake, Easter eggs - lol!), feeling the cold (hmmm hand not recovered from last relapse a year ago and hand always feels cold) etc, etc Then the good news…free prescriptions for all meds! Woo hoo! Bizarre you get free meds if you have thyroid problem but not for MS but gotta look for the positives eh? Also meds could make me LOSE weight! GP said she would start me on low dose because of possible side effects…I did ask for higher dose! Lol Think they are both problems linked to the immune system attacking different parts of you ie myelin for ms and thyroid gland for…well thyroid. So just wondered how many others had both problems? Would love to hear from you. Mish x

Hi Mish, I have both. My thyroid was borderline under active for quite a few years but after my son was born 7 years ago, it was struggling more so they started me on levothyroxine. I was diagnosed with MS this February and my Neuro thinks it kicked off around the same time. When I started on my thyroid meds, my weight returned to normal. My fatigue never improved but now I know why! I start on DMDs in a couple of weeks and I am a little worried about my thyroid but I’m sure it will be monitored and meds adjusted if need be. Good luck with the meds and feeling better. Sam xx

Hi Sam Thanks for your reply. I was dx in June 12 and have been on rebif just over four months now (still with side effects…although still hopeful they will improve) Yes I was borderline for past few blood tests but last test one shows it has got worse so have been put on levothyroxine too. I hope it helps stabilise my weight. Just over a year ago I could have tried exercise or running it off but now I am just glad my knees keep going : ) Good luck with your DMD’s, it really isn’t too bad. My thyroid was picked up from one of my routine DMD’s blood tests (I think) so I am sure they will monitor you as they already know you have problem too. I gotta give another armful in four weeks! Lol Mish x