Thyroid probs

Hi, Does anyone know if this can be related to MS? I have all the classic MS symptoms, weakness on my right side, footdrop, l’hermittes, muscle spasms, tight muscles, tiredness etc. etc I have had 3 MRIs (abnormal brain scan - demyelination), lumbar puncture clear, and awaiting results of EMG. Neurologist says I have only had 1 attack and wants to wait and see. I have now found out I have an underactive thyroid. I was actually glad to hear it because I am hopeful that the drugs will make me feel better. Does anyone else have this because I know thyroid can be caused by auto immune attacking body? Thankyou. :smiley:

Thyroid problems are quite common in MSers. Don’t know a whole lot about why (I think autoimmune), but I think it can be well controlled with meds. Definitely something your neuro should be told about I would think. Good luck with the meds :slight_smile: Karen x

Thankyou Karen, I am seeing the Neuro this week and getting results of 3rd MRI and EMG, I have a feeling, after three years, I may be getting my diagnosis this week. It all adds up. Best Wishes

Be careful when describing what is wrong with you by using the technical name. There is only one letter difference between an underactive Thyroid and an overactive Thyroid. You have Hypo Hyperthyroidism - Wikipedia Hypothyroidism - Wikipedia George

Hi Vicky, This is a long shot but you do say you have a blood clotting problem? I think ‘sticky blood’ is the complete opposite but it is worth asking your doctor for an ASP antibody blood test. See Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery Specialists | Flawless George