Hi I am new to this site , I have had Ms for around 17 yrs maybe longer as looking back may have had symptoms earlier . Recently my fatigue levels have increased significantly , at the weekend I noticed a lump on the neck . I went to my gp who now thinks it is my thyroid she has been taken bloods . Just wondering if anyone on forum has thyroid problems , could this be why I have been so tired recently just wondering treatment will be and how Ms will be affected . Thank you


I was dx with an underactive thyroid 2 years ago. I hadn’t been feeling great for a while. Even less energy than normal, weight gain. I am now on levothyroxine and get a blood test every year to check levels. Things are back to normal, well as near to normal as this condition allows.

mags xx


I would love to help but I had a total thyroidactomy three and a bit years ago due to a large goitre. Now on 150 mg (recently reduced from 200) of levothyroxine every morning and can honestly say I don’t feel any worse or better for it.

Two years later diagnosed with MS

Good luck though.



i have had ms for 12 years & thyroid problems for 26 years.

it started as over active (skinny, tired & increase in persperation amongst other things)

after radioactive treatment I am now under active. I am on thyroxine and have annual check ups.

i can say that thyroid issues have no impact on my day to day activities and at least I qualify for free prescriptions.

all the best


Hi, my story is similar to that of Paul’s ,

​I was suffering about three years ago with tiredness, carpal tunnel, low blood pressure, v…e…r…y s…l…o…w pulse. It was only when i went to my gp about the carpal tunnel that he asked if i had had my thyroid checked as i had a classic ‘moon face’… I remember thinking ‘cheeky s*d’ !!

Turns out it was for the best as my T-levels were through the roof. 150mg of levothyroxine later appeared to do the trick for a while…but then…

Tiredness, weakness, pins and needles, numbness, headache, eye pain all began again. T-levels checked :- normal.

MRI last year, another in March of this year…

Dx with MS in April.

Julie xx (these things are sent to try us…I suppose…)

Thanks for all your replies looks like a possibility it might be linked to MS , another thing to live with wishing you all best wishes