MS & Thryroid

Husband recently had blood test and has been told that the results indicate an underactive thyroid. GP, who I think may be a locum, did not seem to know whether or how to treat so is going back to the Biochemist who did the blood test to ask???

I have been Googling and it seems that some studies may indicate a link, plus treatment for a thyroid deficiency may help with MS symptoms, which incidentally are very much like many of those associated with MS

Has anyone heard of this research? Anyone been treated for thyroid hormone deficiency?

Hi Bonnie,

I have an underactive thyroid too.I take Eltroxine 100mg for mine. (wrong spelling I think) I also have put on some weight too. I only have this since my diagnosis of MS.Not eveyone is effected with under or over active thyroid.D


My husband has MS and earlier this year was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. We were told it is common for people with one auto immune disorder to develope another,so I guess its the poor immune system thats the cause of the problem.

My husband says the thyroxine he takes make him feel better but have no affect on his MS symptoms. It is usual for patients to start off with a small dose and have regular blood tests until they get the levels of thyroxine in the blood up to the required level.

Never heard of the research you mention but will hgave a look to see what they say.

Hi Bonnie,

I also have an underactive thyroid and take Levothyroxine 5mg a day most defo’ not noticed any difference with having MS. Haven’t heard of any research into there being a connection.



Hi Bonnie

I have an under active thyroid and take Levothyroxine 5mg a day, very surprised that a doctor is not sue of treatment for this.


Thanks all for the responses.

I was sort of hoping that there would be a real impact on the symptoms of MS with the treatment for the thyroid. However that does not seem to be the case here.

I take the point about the immune system - I just wonder what came first - does one cause the other? It is intereesting that there are already 4 people who have an under active thryoid, it does give rise to the quesion as to whether thyroid levels should be tested on a reasonably regular basis for people with MS. After all it may be compounding symptoms.

I also wonder whether some people who have yet to be dx may in fact have an underactive thyroid…

Best wishes

We have discussed the connection of thyroid trouble and ms on here in the past. There did seem to be a connection - as there were so many of us effected. l did not realise l had thyroid problems until l had a doppler ultra-sound scan of my neck for CCSVI-the radiologist found l had an enlarged thyroid/goitre and informed my GP. l take Kelp and Greenlipped mussel supplement which contains iodine to treat mine.


i have an underective thyroid but had this 10years before i was diagnosed with ms so dont think there is a link keep an eye on dosage i started on 5mg now on 10mg

by the way does anybody take flaxseed to help with with ms


my gp noted a thyroid problem from my blood tests but on repeating the blood tests it was no longer there.

seems that i’m an enigma!

carole x

Lozzie, After reading about flaxseed on here - l looked it up. lts also called linseed. l sent for a bag from amazon - 2.5kg Suma Organic Golden Linseed [flaxseed] following the instructions l found on one of the websites - l dry roast it first then give it a quick burst in an electric grinder l have - toasting it makes it smell and taste wonderful - really nutty. Grinding it a bit to break up the seeds makes it easier for your tum to digest. l add it to banana/yoghurt/honey for breakfast. l also put it in salads and have added it to flapjacks. lt apparently contains lots of goodies - and is supposed to help as a natural hormone replacement. Most people eat it to help with bowel problems. lt is a good fibre boosting food - not only does it help with constipation - but like most fibre - l find it helps with my problem - which is the complete opposite and go too often. l have got my OH to also eat it [on his porridge] as it is supposed to help people with diabetes.

The seeds when toasted taste like sesame seeds. Once toasted and ground it is best to keep in fridge or freezer to keep them fresh. The seeds are better for you then the oil.



I too have an underactive thyroid…it is very very common in MS apparently (well that’s what my neuro implied) DMD’s can also contribute I believe…I think it’s listed as a side effect with Avonex. I now take Levothyroxine 50mcg tablets and have it tested yearly. On the plus side been hypothyroid entitles you to free prescriptions!

Best wishes