Thyroid function

Hello good people.

Been a while since I posted. Just thought I’d share and see if anyone else has had anything like this…

Been on Elthroxin for about a year now due to low levels showing in blood tests. Started off on 25mg.

This was increased to 50mg around August, again after test results. Had routine bloods done last month, having told GP I was falling asleep in the chair and just generally very tired. Normally I’m an insomniac. Was this B12?, MS or Thyroid? Hair thining, incredibly flaking dry skin (put it down to my 10 days abroad October), feeling very, very low and tearful and very angry and irritable. Not nice to live with.

GP phoned me after results telling me TSH levels were “fairly high” and said to double the dose immediately., now on 100mg and get another blood test in January.

Saw my Neuro routine out patient appointment last week. I showed her a copy of my results and she was aghast. My normal level is 5…my last level showed 65.69. She told me to have another blood test with GP, when I go back for my Pneumonia jab on Wednesday. She said it would take about 2 weeks to kick in. Now, I’m into the third week and can honestly say I don’t feel any better/different. Absolutely NO appetite and snoring my head off at every opportunity. I’m just curious if anyone else has had this, and what is there to be done if the meds aren’t working???

Hi Poppy I am sorry that you are having such a miserable time. An underactive thyroid can make you feel so poorly. I started on 25mg and gradually increased to 100mg and my levels remained stable for fifteen years until 2012 when thyroid became overactive and made my heart race and I would break out in a sweat if I took just a few steps. The thyroxine was reduced to 75mg and has remained stable since. My sister had a thyroid problem and her levels fluctuated needing a much higher dose than me and were quite unpredictable(she did not have MS) I was told by Barts that it takes six weeks to reach the required level. If things do not settle maybe ask for a referral to an endocrinologist? I hope you feel better soon. Sue

Hi Poppy went through this a couple of years ago. Felt rubbish for months and put it down to ms. I was so,so tired and gained so much weight. Eventually went to gp, dx with underactive thyroid and given 25mg levothyroxine and then increased to 75mg. I felt really bad for months and then levelled off.

I have now lost 2 stone and feel so much better with increased energy. I also think I was going through the menopause at the time as well. The biggest thing is I am not sleeping for hours and hours like I did before.

Hang in there it will get better but I’m afraid it will take a while.

Mags xx

Thanks for the positive response ladies. At least when I’m going to sleep at night I’m really getting quality sleep now!

Hi Poppy, Biotin can seriously throw thyroid blood results! I had an over active thyroid last year and each time I had a test I had to stop biotin for a week. Nina

Thanks Nina, I don’t take biotin though. :slight_smile: