Under Active Thyroid

I now know why the weight has been creeping ON and staying ON… Blood test - GP now tells me I’ve an under active thyroid. More tablets !!!

Whatever next ??? Thought it could be down to Tysabri BUT no its about my metabolism. Does that mean I’ve become a lazy bit**… I try my best to keep going and yeah now I’ve given up work, I am less active I suppose but I’m certainly not sat on my ar** all day… None of my clothes fit me, I feel YUK and definitely look it. Can anyone suggest a good thyroid/MS diet I could try? I don’t eat much but obviously eating the wrong stuff.

If anyone could assist, I would be most grateful.

Thanx peeps


Sorry I’m no good with diets. But I am good at knowing about the thyroid. It’s really easy to treat an underactive thyroid. Just a case of figuring out the right dose of thyroxine to take each day and your thyroid level will be ok again.

Thyroxine (or Levothyroxine, which is the actual drug you take), is really simple to tolerate. There aren’t any side effects to speak of. So you won’t know you’re on another drug.

Once your thyroid is under control, you should find that your appetite goes back to normal, plus the other bits of your body that have been underperforming because of the low levels of thyroxine, will also speed up. You’ll get more adrenaline in your system, your heart rate will speed up a tiny bit, and things should seem to be a tiny bit easier. So weight loss is marginally easier.

Oh and an underactive thyroid is one of the conditions which gets you free prescriptions. Unlike MS. Which is the most unfair thing in the world. But unfortunately it’s a fact. Just get the claim form from your GP surgery. There is more info about free prescriptions here http://www.nhs.uk/nhsengland/Healthcosts/pages/Prescriptioncosts.aspx

Best of luck with the weight loss. And I hope you start to get a bit more energy soon.


I am on thyroxine due to my thyroid being under-active

it was originally over active but I was treated with a radiation drug, which sent me Under-active. This was 29 years ago. No problems since . I have annual blood tests. One of the benefits was free prescriptions.

I hope it is managed well.


Thanx very much for your replies xx

Hi Pink69, my thyroid levels go up and down depending on what day it is I think! Anyway, as a booster, apart from the thyroxine, there are thyroid boosting foods which can add just a bit of help. Lots of websites available or the dietician should be able to advise. My thyroid levels go bananas if I get a virus so it doubles the impact of M.S. which is a bit of a pain in the you-know-whats but at least I know what it is. If I have a really bad virus over maybe a week, then take a while to feel better and low on energy, sometimes my Doctor will wait about 6 weeks then just do a blood test to see if everything has returned to normal, then raise or lower the thyroxine depending on what he finds. It is a bit of a long term roller coaster.

It’s a walk in the park compared to MS - thyroxine is not a drug, it’s just a synthesised version of the hormone your body isn’t making enough of - I’ve had an underactive thyroid for about twenty years, and it really is something you can pretty much forget about once they get the right dose for you - and then you’ll lose the excess weight as well.

It isn’t a diet thing, it’s a medical condition.

Just remember to take your thyroxine, it is serious if not treated.

Jo x

I don’t like to be negative here but I have to say that whilst most people do very well on Thyroxine and recover well once the correct dose is established that is not always the case.

Sadly it can be far more complicated, can take years to sort out if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones who have issues of conversion or other.

GP,s would have us believe it really is simple…Take a pill…You are fixed.

I recommend Thyroid UK a registered charity for more info.

Best of luck I truly hope you are one of the lucky ones.

No, I’d go to your GP - I agree, pill for every ill - but go take the pills and give it two months and see how you feel then.

There really is no point worrying about whether you’re one of the lucky ones or not, until you have reason to believe you’re not.

Be scientific. If it works - it does - if not - you need to investigate a bit further.

But please, do not do nothing.

Jo x