Thunder & Lightening & Rain & Temperature Change!!

Hello everyone

Just thought I’d share the news (if you haven’t had one yet) that Bracknell has just experienced an almighty thunderstorm with torrential rain!!!

I’m not normally pleased with this type of weather, however THE TEMPERATURE HAS DROPPED and there’s now a breeze coming in my living room window!!!

Praise be to the thunder gods!!!

Take care

Pen xx

Please let it be coming my way, can’t stand it anymore, but the thunder might explain the throbbing head x

That’s a surprise!

I can see it on the Isle of Wight storm data (a site I’m geeky enough to really like!)

It’s showing as considerably northeast of Bracknell, but I’m sure it’s the same one. It’s either fast moving, or they’ve got their ranging a bit wrong.

Looks like it was the only one in the whole country, and it’s fizzling out already, so you were very lucky to get one. If it was heading this way, I could avoid watering the garden, but it isn’t, so off to my chores I s’pose.



Hey Tina

What a fab website!!!

It was very short lived (probably 15 minutes or so) but very intense while it was here. The thunder was so loud and there was no real gap between lightening strike and sound of thunder (I remember as a kid being told if you count from the flash of lightening to the sound of thunder you could work out how many miles away the storm was (oh to be a kid again!!!)

All I’m thankful for though is the temperature isn’t 30 degrees anymore and the slight breeze is so nice after almost a week of humidity and no fresh air.

I know this sounds really silly but I hope you get it either tonight or tomorrow - if anything just to clear the air!!

Gill4017 - I had a headache before the storm so it may be coming your way - fingers crossed!!

Take care

Pen xx


'Tis sort of unusual for anyone to wish a storm on you, I suppose, but I’ll take it in the spirit I know it was meant. :wink:

Actually, I love a good storm, as long as I’m not out in it. I’ve been lucky I do not seem to have the classic worsening of symptoms common to many MSers. But the fatigue and irritability are starting to bite now - I think mostly from the difficulty of sleeping, rather than the MS itself. Although it might be from spending half-an-hour lifting heavy watering cans each evening, as I’m not the proud possessor of a garden hose (after recent summers, I never imagined I’d need one!)

I wouldn’t mind a good downpour, just to take care of that for me, and to make things a bit more comfortable from sleeping. Then it can go back to being hot and sunny again.

My friend in the South of France reckons, apart from the usual stuff about keeping windows & blinds closed on the sunny side, but open on the shady side, that hanging up a sheet at an door or window, and keeping it wet, can make effective DIY aircon.



I live just outside of Reading and I heard about rain in Bracknell on facebook - despite hearing the rumblings of thunder, for quite a long time earlier, no rain materialised :frowning: So close, yet so faaaaar away.

Does anyone know any good rain-dances? lol

Sonia x