All together now.......

Hello all,

I am sure that you are like me, in just wanting this damned rain to just go and bother another country elsewhere. This week I have been having quite a bit of insomnia, and while listening to the World Service in the wee small hours, I heard a meteorologist say that the reason the UK has been living under a raincloud for several weeks is because ordinarily the wet spell would have been pushed aside by the weather from the Atlantic, by the typhoons that should have started there already. So if all members of our worthy forum could look towards the West and BLOW!!!

take care all,


I’m a’blowing phew, phew…phew!!! Hope it works Moira

Take care not to blow away yourself



Wot a lovely inocent thought, blow it my way pls a little south & a little east. it may rest its weary droplets in Cyprus pls,