Rain, Rain.. GO AWAY...

Come back another day

Its thrashing it down in Malvern… is it raining where you are ?

Whats going on ?


The nasty wet stuff is due to hit us in the next hour or 2. I think we might get away with the really, really bad monsoon down pour over here on the Wirral but time will tell. The tv weather guys and girls must be enjoying the lime light - it was even top headline news on breakfast TV!



It’s cats and dogs in Yorkshire.

I just checked on the BBC weather and there looks like a short pocket of dry tomorrow when I am due to go out on the access bus so me and the w/chair will be able to go into town without getting drenched. (Perhaps!)


yep york at all nice . I woke up to a new lake on my drive and a river running past my house. I live on a very slight hill so it was practicly white water. At least i dont have to go out in it… Oh bugger iv just run out of milk. Looks like i am after all.

Hi Tipping it down in Oldham, has been for about 3hrs… Yesterday evening it lashed it down for about 2hrs. I had a 1/4puddle covering the patio , gutters overflowd, salmon swam upstream (up the street) and started spawning-did I say it’s bad Mike