Woke to rain

yes rain light rain and what a relief, up here in Newcastle its cloudy and the temperature is less than recent days. I know its going to be short lived though and I`m going to make the most of clean fresh air.

Hi Jennie I’m out near Hexham !! And yes, it’s a relief to have a break from the stifling heat !! Catherine Xx

near Consett myself and its such a nice change to get up to a grey sky!

RAIN though we were going to get some last night too but it never appeared, however my sister got it & she lives less than a mile from me. All we got was gusty wind but it certainley brought a nice cool breeze with it :slight_smile: short lived its a scorcher again today :frowning: West Yorkshire Sue x

Oh dear…I’ve only got one fan on this morning !! But I think it’s forecast to get hot and heavy later :(( So, I’m away out on my lovely, new, freedom fighter (mobility scooter) before it heats up !! Catherine Xx

Hi All,

I’m in Grimsby and it’s dull, cloudy and cool I’m loving it!!

Forecast says thunder storms in a couple of days so bit worried about the humidity due to that, plus my dog is scared witless of thunder.


Hey all Yous guys are lucky im Scotland and it sun is showing no signs of stopping never knew it could be as warm for so long. Im used to the rain haha. Tasha x

Its nice to hear all of your stories thanks, I never thought I`d welcome a day like today and looking at the weather forecast its to be like this tomorrow then the heat for the rest of the week.