throat closing up when I lie down

This has been going on for about three months and I’m guessing it’s MS related but would like to know if anyone else gets this sensation. As soon as I lie down, it genuinely feels as though the sides of my throat are falling in towards each other. When I first experienced this, if I lay on my right side it would go away but now there doesn’t seem to be any way of relieving it other than being upright.

I have really felt panicky with it a couple of times, it’s horrible. If anyone has any suggestions how to alleviate this I’d really appreciate hearing them.

Hope you are all as well as you can be


Have you seen your GP or spoken to your MS nurse? If not I think you should. I’ve not had that myself, sorry.

Is it disrupting sleep and causing you to snore or repeatedly wake up breathless?

Hi Tru, this does happen to me too. I sleep half sittting up. Easy to do with my profiling bed. Not so easy when in the campervan…pillows dont stay where I want em. Don`t know any other solution hun.

luv Pollx

Hi, this has happened to me, I sometimes get it when I’m just sat, not a very nice feeling, when I get it I also get a tight feeling right in the middle of my chest, it’s not easy not to panic, I just try my best to relaxed, I’ve had all the tests, heart, camera down, and even camera up my nose to check out ears, nose and throat, all clear, so they are putting my down to MS where the muscle’s are just going into spasm, I would see my GP or nurse if you have one just to make sure, take care, Jean

Dear Everyone,

Thanks for your responses, I shall be seeing my MS nurse in the next couple of weeks so will mention it to her.

Hi Jean, I get the chest feeling too and it takes all my energy not to go into panic mode. Trying to think of other things to distract myself or literally getting up and walking round is what I’ve done so far. Thanks for your response.

Trudie x

Hi Poll,

I’m sleeping propped up too but as you say the pillows tend to go their own way!

love and sunshine

Trudie x

It’s hard to tell as my sleep is often disrupted with pain anyway.