Thrills and Spills.

I have posted this in an older thread of mine, asking about wheelchairs. I have just read it again and found it made me smile. So now I thought it worth a post in its own right. It might cause a smile, at my expense. Can anyone identify with this?

Just ordered a rollator to replace the older, heavy model hubby has had for the last ten years. A 5kg-ultra-lightweight-rollator, that folds side to side, like a baby buggy and stands up folded. A very sleek, dare I say it, stylish sort of one. (Is there such a thing as a stylish rollator?)

I use Hubby’s sometimes if I’m just doing a quick visit from car to shop for a couple of items. It’s bulky and quite heavy to get in and out of the boot. This one is certainly lighter and looks a little more “streamlined” and modern. Less “old lady/invalid” like. It will be better than the crutch for a short trip, like to my neighbour next door or into the shop for milk/bread. If/when I get my Quickie super duper wheelchair, I will whizz around in that more often. The chair I have is very heavy, despite being classed as “lightweight” and we only use it for Hubby to push me. Who would have dreamed I’d be extolling the virtues of one and even getting excited at the prospect of getting one.

Being pushed along is in itself, unbelievably frustrating!! For instance, in the supermarket, he marches me along the aisles, and as I ask him to stop by something, say the biscuits, he stops right in front of them asking me which ones we want. He is standing right in front of the display, at eye level. I, on the other hand, don’t know, because I can’t bloody SEE them! I’m about two feet further in front of them.

Or as I reach out to touch or point to something, and find my arm almost mangled as he continues his stride along, oblivious to my outstretched arm! I t’s so obvious he’s never pushed a baby’s buggy!

He follows the Green Cross Code impeccably. I’m pushed forward onto the road fearing for my life, with the traffic whizzing past me, a hair’s breadth away from my knees, while he is standing safely on the pavement, looking right and left, waiting for when it’s “safe” to cross the road!

The worst thing is when we come to mounting a pavement…he rams the kerb and almost tips me out onto the path!! When I have pointed this out to him, he then proceeds to tip me backwards, without warning, so I am grasping the arm rests with white knuckles, fearing I am going arse over head!! I’m going to end up with whiplash injuries or hypertension…or BOTH

Yes, I shall be glad to have the new, super chair which is feather light, and I can regain some control of where I’m going and what I want to look at. Meanwhile I have my new, modern, light weight rollator to look forward to. Bless him. He is trying so hard and has the patience of a saint. Unfortunately it’s me that doesn’t.

This could have been me writing this… i refused to use my w/c because of the very same issues i used to fear going out in it.i bought a Luggie scooter and feel much more in control when i go out now.

Made me laugh. I have a power chair now but before my grown up son wd push me. Oh dear god, living dangerously?

He zooms around going “MOVE! people” at breakneck speeds…I grip on closing my eyes as we approach a toddler at speeds of light. He has got good at spotting obstacles tho. I’m going “pothole”, “drain cover”, avoid the dog shit!

It is frustrating - mostly cuz men HATE shopping. I do my grocery shop online. Less hassle and I don’t have to persuade my son or hire a carer.

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