Hi All,

Just had to share my joy with you all. Yesterday I saw my physio about getting a rollator. Well today I went and bought one. Oh the simple joy of walking upright and not wobbling all over the place, I love it, in fact I’m sitting on it right now writing this to you all. Am I sad or what?? Just one happy bunny.



Hi, so glad you like it and if it keeps you out of a wheelchair for longer that’s even better. I have this mental picture of you sitting proud while you are typing away, you had better not sit on it while watching the tennis tomorrow, we don’t want you get too excited and falling of it lol. lovely to read some positive news. Karen xxxx

Hi Janet Glad this is great for you. Hope it gives you a new lease of life! Teresa xx

Thanks Karen, no I will need a soft seat for tomorrow’s tennis especially if I’m on the very edge of it!!!

Thanks Teresa I already feel free just knowing I can walk without o/h watching every step waiting for me to fall.



Hi Janet

Happy bunny times I’m pleased you are making yourself safe. Its a hard one accept when it comes time get aids, but these types of aids can help with maintaing your independance. So happy days ahead.

Love, Mary

Thanks Mary,

You are so right it was hard to accept but better a rollator than a wheelchair and I intend staying as independant as long as I possibly can. Thanks for your reply.

Love Janet


So glad you have one now Janet, I find mine so useful for all sorts of things. Never thought I’d be using one in a million years but am grateful for it now.



Thanks Wendy I never dreamt I’d ever be using one either, in fact last night I used it as a tray to take drinks in to the family, instead of them having to come and get them!! Happy days.



I felt the same when I was given mine.

My OT went to see if they had one in stock, they did & it was already set to ‘tall’ & I can tell you it put a massive smile on my face because it felt so good.

I decided long ago that my selection of wheely things are there to help me when I need them & they do just that.



Hi janet I have a rollator too they are brill,they give you more confidence walking, means you do not spend as much time in a wheelchair

Janette x

My neighbour has two rollators in her garage - a three wheeler she bought from Aldi’s - the other a 4wheeler - was provided by the OT when her now late husband was very ill.But it was too big for him to get about the house. The three wheeler l have ‘borrowed’ and found it so good to get about with - a joy to be stood upright - not leaning on a stick or grabbing furniture. The other one is a 4wheeler with a seat - which l thought would be a good idea - but l found it difficult to get up and down off the seat as it does move even with the brakes held tightly. My daughter tried it out - and decided l would not be safe. My neighbour has asked the OT’s to collect it time and time again. Any tips on how to use one of these 4wheelers with a seat - especially when l am on my own.


Thanks for all your comments and advice. I really appreciate it. Today for the first time I took it into town with me and found it an absolute boon. I walked upright, quicker (or so it felt) even though people passed me. When I thought oh gosh I need to sit for a while I put the brakes on and sat down. It was heaven. Frances, maybe the brakes need adjusting, if you can’t do it yourself take it into a mobility shop and ask them to help you. When I applied the brakes the rollator would not move and I was able to sit down safely. The other tip I would suggest is just think of it as a supermarket trolley and walk tall. I love mine it gives me total independance and no wheelchair, the only thing I did find is that my poor legs really ached afterwards as I’ve started using muscles again that had forgotten what to do. I look forward to my next trip out.

Take care all of you and thanks once again for your replies.

Love Janet



Yup they are fantastic.

You can walk upright, sit dowm when tired, put on the brakes so you can stand and have a natter with someone. Basket fort the shopping is a real bonus

Have to admit that mine was in the hall for 6 months gathering dust before I had the courage to use it outside, Too big to use in the house.

Fore those of you that have not thought about one refer to articles on my website


Could not survive without one now.

If in doubt get one is my advice.



l have looked at the Topro Olympos - online - lt is suitable for ‘travelling’ over gravel/cobbles/ kerbs etc. Looks to be the right one for me. The best price l have found is MobilityUK - £189 for the small one - includes a ‘free’ adjustable backrest and no vat of course.

Thanks for your advice.


Hi Janet, I`m pleased that you are pleased and many other users are pleased too. Nice!

luv Pollx


After my diagnosis my OT arranged for me to have a rollator for getting about in the hospital Ward. I remember another man in the same Ward telling me how he felt self conscious when he first started using it and how that feeling soon passed. He gave me a few good pointers!

On my discharge from Hospital I got to take it home and I got another one !


Frances I went to EuroMobility and they sell them at £89 quite a bit different to £189. The e-mail address is They sell them wih a basket or a bag, believe or not I chose the bag, if I’d have chosen to have the basket the cost would have been £55. Some difference but I prefered the bag so no one could see what was in it. Have a good look around as prices vary so much. Two other phone numbers to get brochures from are 08448730035 and 08451218111

Thanks Patrick, Poll and Jonny, I sure wouldn’t be without mine now. Hope youfind a good one Frances.