Rock n Roll

After struggling for a long time - using the furniture and walking stick/poles to keep me upright - l decided to try a rollator.

Luckilly, my neighbour had two that l have ‘test driven’. The first a three wheeler which cost about £45 - the other a four wheeler- the property of social services. The first one l did not feel safe as it did topple occasionally. The next did not manouvre very well. After a lot of searching and reading reviews l decided to get a Topro Olympus - its designed to manage well over rough ground/gravel can go up kerbs- has a seat with backrest - and a bag which can carry 10kg. l ordered it late one afternoon and it was delivered the next morning. lt came already ‘put together’ so no lkea moment. l can get all around the kitchen and garden with - can’t believe how well it holds me up - no bending over - and so easy to sit down on and get up again without it moving away from me. lts very light for something very substanial and well made [norwegian]. Just wish l could get it to come to me with a whistle! l have always loved to dance - and l can do a few moves and whizz around with my new roller.


Hi frances, I can just picture you dancing with your new rollator.

Have you seen a film called Inside Im Dancing ? It is a fab fim about 2 disabled Irish lads. I often think about it. Worth tracking down if youve not already seen it.

luv Pollx


i love my 4wheeled rollator!

i have been out today for the first time in 8 weeks. cant wash and dress myself but asked a neighbour to take me out this afternoon. i walked a few steps(with walker) from car to cafe!

enjoy the freedom!

ellie x