I’m now the proud owner of two rollators, one for when I’m outside and one for in the house - They are truely wonderful things.

The outside one is a Topro Olympus - solid and reliable. Easy to fold up when you want to put it in a car. Good brakes, got a basket and most important its got a seat. I got it about a year ago.

A couple of weeks ago I got one to use in the house, SR8 Steel Rollator - a snip at £55. Got a perspex tray that fits on the seat if taking dinks or food from one room to another. The seat flips up so you can get really close to the cooker or work-surfaces in the kitchen.

If you have squiffy balance then you ought to have one. I’ve written two articles on my website why not read them

Are you thinking of getting one? Tell me what rollator you’ve got and what do you think of it. Was it expensive, worth the money?

Look forward to hearing,