Thread / post editing !!!

Thread Editing

It has been mentioned that perhaps having the option to edit a post could be on the cards ?

When is this likely to be done ?

At the moment the only option I can see is to copy a thread that you want to edit, then delete the original, then paste the copied thread, then edit it before again posting.

Either I’m totally missing something as simple as an edit option, or this is just the way it is on this forum

Also I can’t seem to find anywhere to ask technical questions regarding forum issues, another perhaps option that could be added ?

No, you’re not missing anything, that is the only way to change a post at present. But the lovely Oliver says he’s working on finding a way to get an edit button.

That would help all us clumsy typists and dratted autocorrect. Although sometimes I’m tempted to leave the autocorrected words as they are for a laugh, given that they can be so mental.


A wicked & warped sense of humour, is just up my street

Sounds like you should be joining the insanity that is the Brain Fog thread.


Don’t encourage them.

Anyone would think it had nothing to do with you Mr Durer. And yet, it has everything to do with you. 862 replies at the last count.