It's Here!!

The EDIT button! It’s here!

I just had the chance to use it on the Primary Progressive forum.

Thank you Admin! :slight_smile:


Hooray. Just testing it out.

And it works.

Thanks admin / techies.


Oh I see!! Brill thank you :slight_smile: now just a chat room fingers crossed

hang on… does in work though?

yes it does!

good work to those responsible! this place should become less confusing / embarrassing as a consequence!

(no spell check in the edit mode though, so prepare to edit the edit )

Aha, no excuse for crop toping and smelling now.


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I’m being thick! Where is it?


It appears at the bottom of your response after you’ve posted. You won’t see it till then.

Oh, and thank you, webmaster, for giving us the edit button that we have wanted for a long time.

One tiny suggestion. Maybe show somewhere in the post that it has been edited?

I’m thinking if there is a response to the original post, perhaps referring to something specific in it, then the original gets edited, the response could look out of context or not make sense?

That is the slight snag at the moment. Mods can see when a post has been edited but I’m still looking at how we can have this so everyone can see when a post has been edited.


Cheers Oliver.

Oh dear. That means now you can see how many times I’ve edited my edits!


Ooooo edit where are you ?

aha I see it lol x

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qwerty os dkcuyv wks sklh dwmnbl akhb i i a ohasd … that is an improvement.

I’m not convinced you need to know when a post has been edited. For eg, if I left in an autocorrect (my nots have a tendency to become nits) then noticed and went back to edit it, it’s a bit unnecessary to tell everyone I corrected a spelling mistake. And if someone goes in and completely changes the sense of their post (assuming there is any - obviously this won’t apply to you AD) then any replies could get totally confusing (again, we understand that your posts usually are Albie). So in that case it would be useful to know something has been edited, but would be more reasonable for the poster to add in another post.

If any of this indeed makes sense. (I am quite capable of tying myself in knots so even I don’t get the point of what I’ve written!)


oh give up…you`re getting far too complicated for me little brain now…xxx


​aha! I see and have used the edit button…innit clever…no tippex required!

I think things are getting to you Sue …and if you’re troubled by nits you should maybe think about seeing the nit nurse.

Be happy,


Hahaha Sue you have wrapped us all up in nits with your post ! x

I like Sue`s nits as opposed to nots…

we need a bit of irregularity, cos that`s who we are…irregular!


Nits and nots and knots. Equal itchiness all tied up in a convoluted sentence. No one ever said I was ‘regular’. In any sense!


have to get into this stream just to play with the edit button


Nice one… simple plasures.

Many thanks to all who made this happen