"Thousands of disabled people could lose some benefits!

Hi everyone, just received this message from the MS Society on my face book page.

“Thousands of disabled people could lose some benefits because of last-minute changes to the new system of Personal Independence Payments, campaigners say… Tougher rules to assess how far people can walk mean many claimants will lose help with transport from April.”

You can read more on the link below


Don’t know what to say, I had a feeling (along with many otherers) that they would do something like this!n

Think we need to lobby our MPs.

Wendy x

I know this is unwelcome news, but I don’t think this is quite correct.

The PIP benefit is being rolled out from April in starting with a pilot in the North East.

However existing DLA recipients will be assessed from October 2015, as stated on this site.

It’s difficult not to be alarmed by new items like this, but I’m trying hard to put out of my mind, at least until 2015.

I think I am reading this correctly, but any comments or clarifications will be appreciated.


The way it looks to me is …Walk 21m,lose money…Walk 19m gain money…Is that about it, when all the tishe is chipped away?


i dont trust them not to move it forward to this year instead of 2015, they have lied about everything else so far

Hate Mr Cameron, Tory Fool, but likes to make us in need feel like scroungers, Oh i hate life and being ill with ms.

To clarify Johns comments, existing claimants on indefinate DLA will be reassessed from October 2015. Present claimants on fixed term periods of DLA will be reassessed from October 2013 when they DLA term expires.

I dont think they will move it forward having just moved it backwards as they probably cant cope with the volume of appeals through the tribunal service.

Wb is partly correct but thee will be more criteria than just distance walked.


im on indefinate award of dla, if i tell them my circumstances have changed eg having ms will they send me for a assessment earlier than 2015? ive just been through the atos assessment for esa and i cant take another one

I don’t know about going for a assessment but perhaps they would send out forms for a review to see if you require higher rate, however as the poster above has said all claimants including those on indefinite awards will be reassessed under the new PIP guidelines, at some point.

so its safe enough to add a new conditions to my ever growing list then… ill have to call them to send the forms out

Sorry folks I didn’t want to upset you, I know how you feel about being victimised and made to feel like scroungers. Really don’t want to worry people, the powers that be are looking for money after they’ve cocked things up. We just need to be aware of whats going on. Have a good evening folks.

Wen x

Does anyone know whether the 21 m is the cut off for aided or unaided walking?



both as far as i know

Good Morning, Regarding walking, does anyone know how one is assessed if (as in my case) one day you can walk half a mile, albeit with a lazy limp, and another day 15m could prove hard as my lower half seems to lock up? :slight_smile: to you all btw Paul

Hello Ian Duncan Smith, all we ask is support not being pushed. When you come knocking on my door Election time for support, forget it!. Thats because people have enough physical, mental, and emotional rubbish(polite) to deal without all the terrible pushing that you have enforced with the atos and work support companies!. So remember like a ripple when a stone its the water it wont just be me, who wont be putting an X next to the Conservatives.

Greetings,and I hope Jack Frost isn’t nipping at anything tender.I believe that our ‘beloved’ MS can be described as a ‘degenerative neurological condition’, and this tends to mean that every day can bring new challenges.I and others have always maintained that when filling out any paperwork you need to be honest,but remember the worst day you have ever experienced.

Let’s say that most days you can walk 100m with a stick,but are then knackered and need to loll about for a few minutes,BUT there will have been times when 10m will have been a monumental effort,followed by a lie down.It is the 10m day which goes on the form. The same applies for every question…There is the norm,BUT there will have been the hsitty times.

If you see various Health Professionals they need to be fully aware of your worst days,but they might not be that interested in your ‘abnormal normality’.You aren’t telling any lies,but ensuring they are fully aware of your circumstances,and they will be gratefull for this if the DWP et al want to know stuff.

Keep it all tucked in and toasty,


mp’s are getting an above inflation pay rise this year, I wonder how they are going to free up the money… Its such a shame, we dont need reminding of our limitations. I see a hard year ahead for some. Be a cold day in hell when i vote for the con party.

A tip for all of you who are completing your ESA50 forms before you are reviewed for transfer from DLA to PIP - just remember the distance has been reduced from 50m to 20m for PIP (higher rate) but it is still 50m for ESA50 (which is automatic right to support group) - so maybe when completing your ESA50 you need to think whether you an even mobilise 50m? Maybe you can only actually do 20m - especially when you look at the criteria of rest, repeatedly and safely - think ahead!

Makes me sick to the stomach that we even have to consider these distances in our form filling on top of all the other symptoms we have MS Sucks but this government sucks even more!! Sorry not having a go at you citycarer just hopping mad with it all x

I understand that the form is likely to ask about your good days as well as your worst days so we need to be honest as we cant describe our worst days when answering questions about good days as this would not be truthful.

If they question specifically about good days then you must be honest so not to be accused of cheating.

The MS Society were involved in the discussions on PIP as the government wanted to know about variable / fluctuating conditions like ms.


I’m sure everybody is deeply heartened to know that the MS Society were involved in the framing of the PIP documentation.I don’t think applicants are accused of cheating unless they lie on the form,then are observed functioning in a manner which they said they couldn’t.That could lead to prosecutition after accusation.

Be mindful of the fact that everybody with MS has their own version, within the four categories that have been bestowed upon us.