changes to PIP - mobility from 50 meters to 20 meters, please help ms society campaign

If you look at ms news, right hand side of forum page, youll notice that once you click on the changes to PIP there is a letter to sign and send to your MP, please do it because otherwise these changes will take place without MP’s knowing there is great disdain for the way government have changed the criteria.

Ive just signed and sent my letter, please do the same, come on there are enough of us to make a difference.



I did it yesterday x

Done and done. It won’t effect me (yet), but i can see what its doing to others. Not nice where this gov have put the cuts. Firmly on the disabled and army, time to shout a little louder me thinks.

To be honest I am hoping the question will be the same as in the DLA forms which read, how far can you walk without discomfort, which is the way they worded it in the new ESA forms. I put I cant stand up without discomfort because as soon as I try I feel dizzy.

So lets just hope they will keep wording it like that as that is what they mean when asking that x

Oh and today it seems that my inpact with people I know has got around 400 people to sign the campaign today and I have been told more are going to do it :slight_smile:

Thank you all, we must get all our friends to sign the letters to their MP’s, then maybe attention will be brought into parliament for others to know whats going on. Shout loud we must.



Done :slight_smile:



We need 119 more people! I pray we get there x

Just wrote the letter and sent it off to my local MP. Will let you all know if i get a reply x

Also signed



Pat x



All Done

-A few more would help, tell your friends and buds from here/facebook and all other sites, after all its important we get listened to because we shall all need PIP as we do DLA, so why the change in criteria so sneakily?



Done X

Ann Marie

Seem to be having a,“senior moment!.” Where will I find this please?


For PIP the usual way of applying will be over the internet and not via a form in the post.
As an alternative, a telephone interview will be held.

It is worth making a note of all your limitations before you are asked to apply to help with the application process so that you do not miss anything.of it.


Did it yesterday Bren and put it on facebook many members of family and friens also signed and passed it on.Bxx