Thought about it......... Please read and help

Have had ms for 11 years now learnt to walk unaided informed dla waiting for outcome still have balance problems sometimes dizzyness slight numbness in fingers have help getting out of bed and bath for it from daughter. Haven’t worked sinced daughter born and health probs daughter11 No mortgage on house Husband I always loved and still love very much decided to tell me he’s found someone else and has since moved in with her This has all happened in 2 weeks can’t stop crying. Thought about it… Daughter loves him to bits He worked and paid all the bills one income didn’t have savings just house. Can any body help me with what type of benefits if any I can get gonna sign on on Monday although no one would give me a job can’t do fiddly things with hands either Have no friends either no one to talk to very very lonely. Poor daughter has to see me like this I’m ashamed Don’t no what to do

See CAB they will help you to sort things out. In the meantime speak to people who are expecting bills to be paid etc to inform them. Also don’t forget to inform daughters school as they can be a big support too. I know this is short and to the point but its much easier trying to sort things out when talking to someone who knows about this stuff. They will be able to help you fill the forms in too (which for some of them you really need some sort of degree I’m sure)

You say you have no friends to talk to…its not the same as talking but we are all here to support you.

Your emotions are likely to go on a rollercoaster of a ride,but there will always be someone around on here to hold your hand.

Take care


I’m so sorry for the trouble and distress that you are suffering. Please know that we are all happy to listen and help if we can. I hope you take the advice given to you to see CAB. I’m sure they can help you. Stay in touch and let us know what is happening. Teresa xx

Please dont feel as though you have no one,you have us on here,who can support you,anytime you want to get things off your chest we are and know how you feel,please dont feel ashamed, you have nothing to be ashamed for, you didnt choose to have MS, none of us did,

could you ring the ms helpline up, i have found them very good when i rang once,they listen to you, and i mean listen,

you can get through this, i was left widowed with a toddler and a teenager , and MS,and as hard as it was we got through,and you will too,i found the thing that helped me, was believing in myself.

social services can help, they can get you an assesment and say you needed carers anytime,you could have them up to 4 times a day.

stay strong and remember you have us on here, i have had soem really good morale support over the years,from my ‘cyber’ family.

jaki xx


Wow… poor you… your head must be all over the place at the moment ! Im not surprised you cant stop crying!

You must gather yourself up and go and see CAB. I know they get very busy and you may have to wait for an appointment, so phone them as soon as you can.

I have been through the dreaded divorce… as hard as it is now… you will come through it …we are all here to help and support each other no matter what the problem.

PM me if you need to talk.