Hi, new to here

Hi to everyone, new to forum. Was wondering if anyone can help, I have primary progressive ms. My husband has just left me and was wondering if anyone knows about benefits. I cannot work and my youngest is 10 and obviously at home with me. Would be most grateful for any advice. Thanks Elaine.

Hi there welcome to the forum…am not knowledgable on benefits but here is a ((bump)) to hopefully move your thread up a bit so it doesn’t go unnoticed x Real sorry about your predicament though …you’ve dome to the right place for help, support and encouragement on this forum x So please don’t ever feel alone Michelle x

Elaine go to citizens advice they will advise you on any benefits you may be entitled to. Hope things work out well for you.

Elaine - as said, go to CAB or maybe your local council have a benefits advise officer, even your local MS Society group may be able to help or drop them an e-mail…good luck and welcome…Stephen x

Hi Elaine, welcome to tthe Forum. I’m in your position having to claim Benefits for the first time. Get in touch with your local Citizens Advice, I have found them invaluable for help and advice. There are also people on this Forum who are knowlegable so hopefully you’ll get some good advice. Linda x

Hi Elain - and welcome to the forum. We’re a friendly bunch so feel free to post whatever propmts you. the good thing about this forum is that it would be rare to have a problem or a symptom that has not popped up before.

My advice for the above is also to visit the citizens advice bureau. And speak to your GP or MS nurse about what you may be entitled to.

Take care

JBK xx

Hi Elaine,

Wrote a long reply to this last night, just before the forum crashed!

Loke most posters, I was going to suggest the CAB, or any benefits advisor, but as it can be very difficult to get an appointment, due to demand, you might want to try an online benefits checker you can do yourself, such as:

It’s only as good as the information you put in, so if you’re not sure about anything - e.g. what income or outgoings you have, better to dig out the facts than try to guess, as a guessed answer may give you wrong results about which benefits you could reasonably expect to get.

The results of online calculators are not an absolute guarantee you would get those benefits, but they are a guide to which ones might be worth applying for.

If you don’t like that one, or it doesn’t work properly for some reason, there are other similar calculators. Just Google “online benefits calculator”, or “benefits checker”, and it should come up with a number of sites that have tools you can try.

Hope this helps,



Hi hun, just want to add my warm welcome to you hun.

Sorry to hear you have financial and marital problems, but hopefuly you`ll find the right help to make the problem a little less worrying.

luv Pollyx