This might be stupid!

Hi this might be a stupid question but I am very shaky and my whole body feels likes its trembling just done a painting and found it hard to steady my hand. Does anybody else get like this? I seen the consultant yesterday for my first year check!! And was left feeling well I don’t know just didn’t feel like I got any answers! So I’m feeling a little stupid and it has now been a year since my dx and don’t really know much about this disease I have mainly cos I’ve buried my head in the sand life’s just crazy!!

hi emma

don’t feel stupid love, we’ve all been there.

if this is your diagnosis finally starting to sink in, then prepare yourself for the stages you’re supposed to go through.

anger (fair enough, why not be angry with this bugger of a disease?)

grief for what you have lost/might lose (look at it as changing not stopping)

i don’t know enough about these stages but someone will be along who does.

what you need to do now is contact your ms nurse and explain how you are feeling.

your gp can organise counselling if you feel that may help.

the number on this site is for you to unload 0808 800 8000

be kind to yourself and if you feel the need to take to your bed for a couple of days - do just that.

your painting will help you though, giving a sense of direction to this wilderness time.

i’m so desperately tired that i’m worried that i’m typing a load of drivel!

so i’m off to bed now.

carole xxxx

​ps. let us know how you get on please

Hi there

I know it’s easy to say, but don’t feel stupid…

I too have had this trembling. If it’s any help, there’s two ways I’ve coped with them…going to sleep or going for a walk (especially good at this time of year!)…basically doing something that’s a distraction…they will pass, however it’s the not knowing how long it will take that’s the really tough bit.

Take it easy

Hi Emma, ‘just done a painting and found it hard to steady my hand’ are you an artist/painter? I know what you are taking about, happens to me all the time. The things we most care about, are prime targets for the Ms. Well, either carry on, it could make the piece more interesting, I mean work with it or leave it and try on a better day but don’t panic or stress!

I have issues with a constant trembling/vibration feeling through my body - when I described it to my MS nurse the best way to explain it was that I felt that I was standing on a vibro plate in the gym ALL OF THE TIME!!! I have also had shaking hands (in the past and not repeated lately fortunately) and involuntary twitches to my fingers.

Although I am sure that stress didn’t help, in my case I doubt that it was purely caused by stress or anger at my condition. I was put on Pregabalin which did help but I decided to stop taking it when its side effects on me were worse than the initial problem - eg excessive tiredness and muzziness which was not a good thing to have when I work erratic shifts over a 24/7 cycle in a job that requires mental acuity.

Definitely agree with Gingerlil about the way that MS seems to target what matters to you the most. My intelligence has always been something of great pride to me and MS went for my cognitive powers like a skill-seeking missile. I was a professional advocate with a side-line as a stand up comic - so it attacked my ability to speak clearly and coherently

Mind you, I was always a lazy mare who was happy to site on her b.t.m. all day so it got it completely wrong when it messed with my mobility. Hah! Hah! Hah! Take that MS!

Hi Em3a, with MS there are no silly questions.

Like Polar Bear says - if you have an MS Nurse, tell her (e-mail is even better than phone); otherwise, unless your next Neuro appointment is soon, get onto your Neuro’s secretary.

A constant trembling feeling in your whole body is one thing to report - and let the professionals judge how significant it is. What matters is that you have reported it.
A shaking/twitching/uncontrolled movement in one hand is a different matter. If this is slow, but with fairly big movements (Think you pick up a forkful of food and stick it up your nose or in your ear) that is intention tremor. A fast hand movement in very small amounts is essential tremor (typical of people with Parkinsons).
If you have either of those, you should report that as well.

Not exactly a silly question, was it?


This site won’t let me post I keep loosing them so thank you all for your response

Found out why it was the smiley face thing if I put one on it won’t post and I typed such an essay back to yous all and I’m real sorry but I’m not typing it again lol but thank yous all