Shaking in left hand


Hoping for words of wisdom :slight_smile: for the last few weeks I have been experiencing shaking in left hand when doing certain things like putting our daughters hair up, putting phone back on receiver etc, using both hands quickly on keyboard. I can carry things in hand and it won’t shake, but today I’m feeling a tingling sensation in that arm.

I have Nystagmus in left eye so left side of body definitely more affected. I have already been told Nystagmus won’t go and now thinking this shaking won’t. Have I moved from RRMS to SPMS?

My my eldest daughter (11) has noticed shaking so thinking I may be forced into telling her about MS.


Hi Tracey

Having read your post I can fully relate…

8 years ago I had a relapse which left me with an “intention tremor” in my left hand, so when I go to use it to make a brew etc it shakes making it awkward. I have to drive automatic because of it as the gear changing would be a challenge.


Hi Tracy,

Shaking does come with SPMS, I can’t carry so much as a cup without my hands shaking, forever dropping things and saucepans full of water is a definate no no. So it is possible you have SPMS or you are having a relapse unfortunately only time will tell. Hope it stops soon for you.



Hi…My initial symptom was hand tenors…so still cud b rrms…Have M’s bout ten yrs…can’t carry things…write…type ,do my daughters hair,buttons etc. Fine motorskills affected not gross motorskills…canstill cook and clean!..hand tremors r v.common…doesn’t mean u have gone into spms

Thank you all for your replies. I guess worrying is just going to make things worse and I will book to see Specialist.

Thank goodness for this web site as I don’t feel so alone.



Well I saw the specialist today and he is contacting Neurologist to see if he advises taking steroids. He has said shaking in my left arm due to where a lesion is in my brain it may die down but he couldn’t make any promises. I did all sorts of hand movement tests and he said the lesion in the control area of my brain, Apologies forgot name! Is the cause of this and the Nystagmus.

I really need to hear from people who can say life may be different but not over, i suffer with anxiety and have got myself in a state that things are progressing and I will be useless. Surely even if things progress there is work that I can do?

Apologies for the self pity email but I was hoping someone can confirm that life may not be as planned but there are work arounds.

i have emailed MS nurse to ask if she thinks it would be a good idea to meet with someone who has had MS for several years to discuss things.


Hi Tracey

There was a great line for Spock in the original Startrek series: “Its life, Jim, but not as we know it”.

What you will do (you have to do) is work out a set of coping strategies to work round the intention tremor in your left hand/arm.
In my case, I have to eat American style (cut all the food up unto small pieces and use the fork in my right hand).
I cannot carry anything (walking problems) so stuff has to be either:
Manoevered around on on my Zimmer or 3-wheeled walker - depends whether I am upstairs or down.
Picked up righthanded and moved to where I will pick it up next (repeat as necessary).
Often, an intention tremor is worse if you move fast - so do try to move the affected limb very slowly ) much easier said than done, as I know full well.

Do tell your daughters what the problem is - the Society has an excellent booklet to help with this (“Mummy has MS”, or something very similar) which you may be able to download and print off.

About the only medication which might help is one of the Beta-blockers used to slow down the heart rate (Propanolol, Atenolol), and your GP should be able to prescribe this. Trouble is it does not work for most people - you might be lucky.


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I have spoken to my hubby and we are going to tell children once they have settled into new schools. I have used propanolol before as I was experiencing panic attacks and definitely took the edge off. I feel so stupid for getting myself in such a state, it doesn’t help me or my family.