Have developed a subtle tremor!

I thought this only happened many years in?

It happened the other day as well - my hands and fingers were trembling subtley but this evening they’re quite noticeably trembly - is it usually worse after doing things? I’ve done a little bit of gardening so maybe that’s triggered it. I really can’t have this too!!

Fatigue and overworking muscles can easily set off (temporary) tremor so it sounds like gardening could be the culprit in your case.

Karen x

Yes I think you’re right - it’s not really there today. Having never ever had it before but it happening a few times this week was a bit disconcerting, especially amongst all the other weird things that have been happening to me this year.


Hi Deb,

I get tremor from alsorts. If it’s a bad day it can be set off by something as simple as putting a load of washing on! Good days it takes a horse ride and a bath (I’m not good with heat).

I use it as a message from my body “time to rest”.

Sarah xxx

I have it, hold out your right arm straight and hook your fingers under something like the back of a chair and pull. You should feel the tremor if you have one. Someone else can hold your hooked fingers too, that works as well, then you both feel it. My GP spotted it the first time I had what I now know was my first relapse, in my right arm. Now it’s in the left too, but less as it’s basically knacked with a compromised nerve supply so what’s not there can’t be broken!

I can’t carry heavy shopping and then expect to carry my lunch tray any more. Some days it’s a lot worse than others, but every day I have to be careful putting down a glass at full stretch cos I do this massive wobble at the end and if it’s full, it spills. The heavier it is, the worse the wobble.

Once the kids noticed cos my cutlery was rattling on the plate when I was trying to eat. And the whole cafe noticed the last time I tried to carry a tray full of teapots and cups and saucers …

Hiya Deb

I have had this on and off recently too.

I thought maybe a certain degree of it was normal, esecially as I only have it sometimes. Put it down to being tired or a bit stressed out. My GP didn’t seem too interested when I mentioned it a while back.

I had it in my hands when I went to Wycombe A&E about my eye on Saturday night but didn’t think it was too bad. However, they wrote ‘noteable upper limb tremor’ on my notes during the triage assessment even though I hadn’t mentioned it. Don’t seem to have it today though - but then I’ve been sitting around doing practically nothing since Monday’s hospital tour


Ive had an internal tremor for nearly 2 years, mainly in my legs, don’t know if its normal or not.sometimes my hand shakes when im holding cups n things, hot tea…eeps a little worrying! no-one has ever commented tho so im guessing they are both mega subtle, it has calmed down a little when its been sunny tho so im not sure if it was due to this vit d deficiency…