Hi, I was awake the night before last at around 3am and my right arm from my elbow to the tips of my fingers felt like they were shaking quite violently, but not actually shaking or moving. I’m not sure if it was this that woke me up though as I’m a restless sleeper anyway, often getting up for the toilet. I am taking Aubagio, but despite having a small sensory relapse last November he wants to keep me on it a monitor how I’m doing. Every morning I have sensory pins and needles and numbness, which he knows about, with the pins and needles usually starting to fade around 10am. I’ve had a very bad cough and cold for 2 1/2 weeks and was prescribed penicillin due to my low lymphocytes levels thank to Tecfidera and Aubagio. On top of this I’m finding I’ve got two itchy palms one worse than the other which I have taken an antihistamine to try and relieve it. Do you think I should call my neuro/ ms nurse to let then know about these symptoms. The tremor only lasted 30 mins but I’ve not had anything like that before so its a new symptoms, but then again it only lasted 30 mins so not sure if it’ll be relevant. Thanks Sharon x

hi sharon

leave a message for your ms nurse saying what you told us.

it’s blinkin difficult to decide what to report.

as for knowing if you’re having a relapse, well that’s a minefield.

if you have a chest infection that will affect your ms in the same ways as a UTI does.

carole x

Thanks Carole, I’ll give the ms nurses a call and let them know. I dont think its a relapse just new symptoms if that makes sense! Ha ha Sharon x

I occasionally get woken up by my right arm in a tremor. It is slight, but it is a nuisance. It can go on for ages. I tell it to bog off, get up, gently warm it up and stretch it, take some gabapentin which seems to help, have a cup of tea, tell it to bog off again and hopefully go back to sleep. Mine comes when I have done too much or left off the gabapentin. Or if I just feeling unwell, before I get unwell if you know what I mean. It is one of my triggers to say ‘Pack it in Pam and give your arm a rest’ so I try to concentrate on using the other one as much as possible. In the day if it is bad, I tend to ignore it. Fortunately, where I live they know I shake, so if I am ordering a drink in the cafe they always bring it over otherwise it would all end up on the floor.

I have also found that if it is one arm in particular, that lying in a particular way can help it, it almost releases some of the pressure. Two weeks ago when I was really unwell and had a virus, my tremor was bad. I tied my right arm up for an hour just to let it rest. I wouldn’t recommend it as the GP said don’t bother, but it just let my bad arm have some respite.

I too get itchy palms, well actually itchy everything more or less. Another flamin nuisance.So if I’m not shaking or tremoring, I’m itching and scratching - marvellous! Its got me giggling now, can you imagine, filling in a thing for a dating site. Single woman, 57, listens to loud music, gardens in pants, man must be patient and understand tremors and that I do not have nits! Must have fast responses for falling woman and jerkily spilt drinks. Oh cripes!