Thinking " here we go again"

The last few weeks im feeling like im heading towards a big relapse which feels awful,as you all know,especially as ive been great for the last year apart from a couple of months with horrendous face pain which they thought might have been trigeminal neuralgia at the time Stress is a trigger for me and our neighbours have been putting us through hell the last few months culminating in the first attendance at court for 3 family members,dont want to go into all that but just wanted to say to highlight the stress level Im trying to keep thinking positively as is my norm,but im finding it harder and harder to even at the point of doing things myself instead of asking for help which,as ive been so good recently i dont think my family notice,they would help but as everyone is stressed im keeping my issues to myself Me and hubby have always discussed everything so im feeling terrible im keeping the severity of my ms to myself This post is just a rant really i feel better having seen it written in black and white Think i need to update hubby Thanks for reading Janey xx

Hi Janey, This is a good place to rant and let it all out. Talking to your hubby sounds like a good idea. Sending hugs Barney

Hello Janey.

Must be awful having this trouble with your neighbours.

I hope you’ve updated your hubby now about how your feeling…he really needs to know.

I always feel better writing things down too.

All the best to you.

Take care, Noreen