Relapse and hubby just gone to Afghan - need some cheering up!

I feel a bit silly but I just wanted to talk to some people who might be able to understand how I’m feeling.

I had a relapse at the end of January, which i was starting to recover from but now my husband has just gone to Afghan for 4 1/2 months (he’s in the RAF). Since he went a week a go I’ve felt much worse with a lot of pain around my ribs and all down my left hand side. We have an 11 month old girl who is on the verge of walking and in to everything and I have a part time job 3 days a week and I’m just finding it tough. I hadnt fully recovered when he went and I’m hoping that the worsening of my symptoms is just because I’m tired from working and looking after my baby girl but I’m worried that its a another relapse.

The people I work with dont really understand about MS and I’m not one for telling everyone just how bad I feel, I tend to put a brave face on it and just get on with it. I just feel like I’m really struggling and noone understands. Normally I talk to my husband about it all but I dont want to worry him when he’s so far away and can’t do anything about it.

Sorry for the moan!


Aw bless you, that’s hard for you, but I like many others understand how you feel. I’ve had this for 17trs, and only just started talking about it. to anyone, not sure if your the same, but I don’t like when people look at me all sad, makes me mad! That’s why I clamed up in the first place, but it does you no good honey, you need to let it out, learn from an old pro lol. I love this forum, so makes you not feel alone, so you moan, rant away. Maybe you need some time to adjust to hubby going, and getting over your relapse, why not take some time off, do things that make you happy, and maybe, just maybe your start to feel more like you. Hope your feeling better soon. Take care xxxxxx

Hi C So, in absence of your wonderful husband (god bless all servicemen), talk to us, rant at us and use the forum to share your anxiety. A problem shared and all that…and there are p,entry of shoulders to lean on right here. Welcome Xx


thats cos i have no words for you. enjoy ur wee girl today-tomorrow will take care of itself…

ellie x


I tip my hat to your husband

…and all service personel.

Must be so hard to say goodbye, i could not begin to imagin. Feel free to moan as much as you want, thats what we are here for!



Dear Anon I’m in exactly the same position as you my husband is also RAF and in Afghanistan at the moment :frowning: this is his 5th tour over the last 10yrs and he goes 4 two weeks here and there inbetween. I’m also going through relapse at the moment and have been since begining of December not easy when your on your own with the kids fortunatley for me mine are older so I get their help. Again like you I tend not to tell people how I feel as I feel they wouldn’t understand. That’s why I think this forum is great as you get to vent your feelings and their understand. Wishing your husband and mine a safe return. Hope you start to feel better soon. Sue x