Hubby and ms

Hi everyone,

My partner ound out just before christmas he has

MS, and we have managed to deal with it and get on with life as best as we can. However he has since releapsed, he cant walk properly and he cant use his hands again,hes not sleeping well or hardly eating, this started at the weekend,he could hardly get down the stairs yesterday morning too go to work,so i sent him back to bed and told him to ring the drs and get an appt,so his dr has signed him off work now for 2 weeks, to be honest i just ind this whole thing really daunting and scary I dont mind that when he is having a relapse that everything falls on my shoulders etc i get that it is part of the package it doesnt change how i feel about him its just will he get worse? as this is the worst releapse hes ever had i just dont know what to expect, i love my hubby to be so much we have been together for 10years getting married in aug and have 3 children (7,5,and 9months) the thing is too my mother in law suggets we should tell our children,which i aggree with,but i dont know what to say to them or how to explain it properly.

Hubby has got his visual evoked potenials test today,but he still waiting to hear for his LP and the MS nurse her 1st visit is not till the 12th april (it just seems like a lifetime away,esp when i have got so many questions that i have not been able to ask anyone) i dont know whether to chase up his LP or leave it till we hear as the neuro sent off for that in early feb!

Sorry if this is all rambled and does not make sense,im shatterd as not slept well looking after hubby n baby lol.

hope someone can help :confused:

thanks guys!

gosh you do have a lot on your plate, love.

I admire the love and care you obviously have for your fella.

I am the cared for in our house and I have always thought it must be terribly difficult to accept and cope with, if you are the man of a household.

I hope I dont incur the wrath of equal opps types here! I guess I am old fashioned, but I know my man wouldnt wear it well, as he believes it is his job to look after me!

Anyway, thats all by the by for you, sorry if I caused any offence. I didnt mean to.

Perhaps I am just trying to help you see things from his possible point of view.

Does hubby know what type of MShe has? I ask this because there are certain medicines for certain types of it.

You ask if he will get worse. sadly the answer is most likely. BUT having said that, MS varies enormously from one person to another.Why not see if you can ring the MS nurse, as you are so worried. It seems some of us have to chase them up, where others are more forthcoming.

I hope things level off and you all cope.

luv Pollx

My husband was diagnosed with remitting and relapsing ms in 2001 and our life has been a roller coaster ever since. My kids are now 16 and 19. He was first diagnosed with optical neurosis which led on to MS diagnosis. His mobility was affected very quickly and had to give up work as a fire fighter in 2004. He is no longer able to work. He has also just been told he has moved into the secondary progressive phase. I too have had everything on my shoulders and it’s hard - but let people help you - I have a tendency to want to do things myself, but if you’ve got family and friends close, share the load with them. As for your kids, keep it simple, they’re too young to understand it all Tell them that dads got an illness which makes his legs wobbly and his eyes a bit funny and they’ll soon start asking questions. Then all you and your husband have to do is make it easy for them to ask and give them honest, simple answers. Your MS nurse will have some simple books you can read to your kids about ms. Your MS nurse will become your contact point for lots of things. And she will have more time to discuss things in detail. I see your MS nurse is visiting tomorrow. Write down all your questions and anxieties and go through them with her. MS nurses are very knowledgable and have a good overview of all the services available. I know just how daunting this is for you, but if you take it just a day at a time you will get through. You must look after yourself too, especially with three kids to look after. Take care and God Bless.

Hi wife-to-be Sorry things are so tough at the moment. If you go on the MS trust website there are free booklets that you can send for which help to explain MS to children. I got one for my teenagers and one for my 7-year-old. I think they are really helpful and children aren’t daft. They will already know that Daddy is poorly. It will help you all if they are in the picture about his MS. Hope things pick up, take care, Teresa xx