Hubby and ms

Hi everyone,

My partner ound out just before christmas he has

MS, and we have managed to deal with it and get on with life as best as we can. However he has since releapsed, he cant walk properly and he cant use his hands again,hes not sleeping well or hardly eating, this started at the weekend,he could hardly get down the stairs yesterday morning too go to work,so i sent him back to bed and told him to ring the drs and get an appt,so his dr has signed him off work now for 2 weeks, to be honest i just ind this whole thing really daunting and scary I dont mind that when he is having a relapse that everything falls on my shoulders etc i get that it is part of the package it doesnt change how i feel about him its just will he get worse? as this is the worst releapse hes ever had i just dont know what to expect, i love my hubby to be so much we have been together for 10years getting married in aug and have 3 children (7,5,and 9months) the thing is too my mother in law suggets we should tell our children,which i aggree with,but i dont know what to say to them or how to explain it properly.

Hubby has got his visual evoked potenials test today,but he still waiting to hear for his LP and the MS nurse her 1st visit is not till the 12th april (it just seems like a lifetime away,esp when i have got so many questions that i have not been able to ask anyone) i dont know whether to chase up his LP or leave it till we hear as the neuro sent off for that in early feb!

Sorry if this is all rambled and does not make sense,im shatterd as not slept well looking after hubby n baby lol.

hope someone can help :confused:

thanks guys!

I’m new to the forum posts, but have been caring for my wife for about 20 years now. MS is a highly unpredictable illness and it is quite true to say that no 2 people have all the same symptoms or the same outcomes - so it may or may not get any worse. Not a lot of help I know.

The MSW Society does produce some very good literature and it is well worthwhile reading it - most of it is free to download.

As far as chasing test results is concerned, I quite understand how you want to know the answers - but beleive me bad news travels fastest and if there were real concerns they would have contacted you soon enough.

Hope that I’ve been of some help.