Hi anyone I am getting more and more worried about my hubby who was diagnosed with M S In 2009. He’s 59 now and they say he would have had it a long time, any way to cut it short he had a cople of bad relapses and started on gabapentine which I am sure gives him side affects that change his personality.

He wont agree to anything, wont do physio which he says it makes his eyes spin and makes him feel much worse, doe’s not want to do the secondry progressive trials. He can’t see the point, plus does not feel he can comitt to going to and fro, the whole thing is just two much for him to manage. Wont go out because he needs to take the wheel chair now, has depressive moods, character changes, gets agressive.

He plays mind games with words, gets paranoid. I had this daft thought that what if he has a form of cancer thats hidding some where and this cancer mimics a lot of M S symptoms, still shows up in the cord as M.S but has this bad affect that cuses brain injury type symptoms. Am I being daft or is this the norm for some one with M S.

As all of us know who have tried and failed by being shot down in the gun fire that I his wife and only care person are not allowd to voice my fears or worries, discuss his symptoms to any one who he sees for his medical care without his consent.

hence my worry, if he’s not mentaly aware of all his behaviour, where do we go, who do we speak to. glad for your good thoughts anyone please.

Oh luv, I am sorry to see that you`ve had no replies to your post as yet.

I think you need to speak to your husband`s GP. If you are unable to ask your hubby anything, for fear of his reaction, then you have to do something. Alternatively, is there an MS nurse you can talk to confidentially?

I doubt that your hubby has cancer, but MS can cause all sorts of symptoms…both physical and mental.

luv Pollx