They're out to get me.

Everything is designed to prevent my efforts to be a normal person.

I’m not being very tolerant today.

I now need 3 weeks of proper chemotherapy spread over 6.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Oh yes. I can totally identify with the trials you refer to. The plastic bottles of oil! I have now joined the growing numbers of warriors and am fighting my own battle of trying to save the oceans from a deluge of plastic. I will only buy glass recepticles when ever possible. Aldi has a fine range of oils. Mind you, this will no doubt add danger to the mess should the bottle fall to the kitchen floor… Your writing always raise a smile on my face Steve. Have a good weekend x

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Another enjoyable blog Steve. I’m with you, you obviously have the days where you either spill it, drop it or break it. I have those and add I’m still mobile I then slip, trip or fall over it! Take care Cath x

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I feel your pain Steve , I hate it when things get stuck to my wheels …the worst is dog poo…I always pick frazers up never ever would I leave it and sometimes it’s hard to get the angle right and not fall out of the chair or drop all my belongings. Frazer is my best grabber I drop my phone…he picks it up, money he picks it up although it’s not great passing it over all slobbery at the check out. Hes so funny sometimes he knocks things off my knee on purpose just so he can pick it up and get a treat for getting it. The worst thing I had wrapped around my wheels was his lead , that was awful …he could hardly breathe, thankfully a kind passer by unravelled us both . Michelle and Frazer xx