There's a bear in my house....

Humour helps, right?!

Somebody let a bear into my house last night and he’s decided that he loves me soooooo much he’s going to give me a massive hug and not let go.

all very kind, but I’d much rather he wrap his big paws around my ice block feet and warm them up!!

i hope he goes back to the woods soon…

Take care -


Lol Monkeygirl…it took me about 2 reads then to cotton on, how ditzy am I??? I thought you were posting from Canada and had a real bear in your house, not that Canada is the only place you get bears but it was what sprang to mind.

Sorry you have a bear and hope he leaves you alone, am off now to cool my face down as actually feel embarrassed for myself that I didn’t get it, DOH !!!

Brain fog has a lot to answer for.

Sarah xx

hi monkeygirl

leave the bear some prunes to help his system along because as we all know bears like to sh*t in the woods.

on a serious note, i’m sorry that you have the hug (death grip) keep cosy and rest as much as you need.

it will pass and i hope it does soon.

i have the opposite problem with my feet - they are always too hot!!!

i get out of bed in the early hours to stand in the kitchen because the quarry tiled floor cools my feet.

back to the humour-

my husband always uses the phrase “do bears sh*t in the woods?”

sometimes “is the pope catholic?”

my favourite is when he gets muddled and says “does the pope sh*t in the woods?”

carole x

Hehe…my little girl says that I’ve got Mr. Topsy-Turvy in my head again when I mix up words or sounds.Hubby names my involuntary movements as if they were disco dance moves and he calls my laxatives ‘Pooh juice’. Out loud. With glee. I can’t stay cross at him because I end up laughing :smiley:

SarahTeah - don’t be embarrassed! You made me smile at the thought of having a real bear here - good grief! Although I wouldn’t have spent time sharing that on here - too terrified to type!! At least we do have the brain fog to blame - I am a source of amusement to friends right now for choosing completely the wrong words in sentences at the moment :slight_smile:

pigpen - (great name!) great advice re prunes - perhaps the pope can have some as well? Or would that be crossing the line?! I would LOVE to have hot feet - socks just aren’t helping the frozen North of my tootsies!

Reikiblossom - laughter really does help sometimes, doesn’t it? Not that I chortle my way through every day, but it helps to be able to be silly when you can. I think Mr Topsy Turvy spends a lot of time in my head too!

Thank you all for replying - it’s great to ‘meet’ you!