One of those mornings! 8/

Yes I’m having one of those mornings!

Woke up full of the joys of spring! Sat up - grabbed my summer fruits squash and threw it in my own face!

Got out of bed and slid in it on the wooden floor - discovered I’m too old for the splits!!!

Shuffled & slid to the bathroom - sat awkwardly on the loo so the seat pinched my bum really bad!!! Ouch!!

Still - not daunted - off I traipsed downstairs - hit the wall once then bounced off the rail and stumbled and staggered into the hall. Hubby by now is looking a little concerned!

‘Morning’ I said brightly, bounced off the kitchen doorframe and went to give my Kizzy her morning milk - I totally missed her bowl and poured it all over the back of her head!!

Straightened up and went to put the top on the milk and it flew accross the room - as I bent to pick it up I hit my head on the breakfast bar!!

Hubby was now up on his feet so I decided to lie flat on the kitchen floor declaring myself ‘insane & unsafe’!!!

Hubby agreed so I’m now relegated to my sofa with my coffee, sore head and sore bum and I’m not allowed to get up until I’ve coordinated my brain with the rest of my body!!

Why do I sometimes feel like a baby Giraffe??? xxxjenxx

Not the best start to the morning, hope your ok. Stay on the sofa and let hubby run around after you! I can totally sympathise with you though and it’s horrible, my kids just laugh at me and say mums got her wonky brain on again! Oh and your definitely not a baby giraffe more a baby camel Xx

Baby Camel!! Yes!!!

The dog is sitting there looking at me like she wants to report me to the RSPCA!!! x

Hubby wants to go camping down the beach today - can’t see me in a tent somehow! Would need a Hazard sign on it! x

Aww poor dog, mine have that look intact my older one has been giving me that look since we got the younger one lol. Send hubby to the beach with the dog and you stay home. Is he off his rocker it’s freezing here!

Infact not intact stupid predictive text

Infact not intact stupid predictive text

I’m always worse when I wake up - so disorientated - mentioning camping - last year we pitched on a bit of a hill and hubby left the tent unzipped because he’s so tall - I woke up at 4.00am with only my head left in the tent - I’d slid off the blow up bed - naked!! Thank goodness it was too early for the other campers to be making their way to the showers - they would have had to have had counselling!!

The mozzies had had a feast too!!

Infact not intact stupid predictive text

Grr I’m having finger trouble today! That made me laugh Jen I have an image of you now and it’s a bit weird lol. My hubby took our daughter on beaver camp and he pitched at the top of a hill and most people pitched at the bottom. It rained all night so they were all woken by a river running through the tents

morning giraffe/camel and wonky brain!! I am sat with tears rolling down cheek through laughter!! I had not realized how bad I was first thing until on entering the kitchen my teenagers said hold on to your cereals and stand by the wall the thunderbird puppets up and about!!! my the force be with you today, I’m off into town with a very good friend to ride the escalators and have a laugh. debxxx

Waa haa haa! Finger twitching!!

No - not a pretty sight I can tell you!!! xxx

Morning lady Penelope. Have a good time shopping but please hang on the the handrails on the escalators! Maybe take some grappling hooks with you. Yes Jen the finger twitching is lovely

Tht’s amazing, what a entrance youv’e made!!! I know I shouldn’t but you made me chuckle!! I had a similar situ the other day only my dog i’m sure did report me to the rspca!! I was tasking myself with feeding the dogs I have two and they tend to hover around whilst i’m getting their food, jura my pup got a donk on the head when I threw the bowl… accidentally of course!!! After I made myself a cuppa and launched the milk across the kitchen with epic coverage!!!

Just sometimes things don’t work the way they ought to…

If you do go camping have loads of fun!


Oh and thanks again for the chuckle, i certainly wasn’t laughing the other day at my similar situ, but reading your post, I think it’s maybe the only way to get through it all… and laugh at myself to!!! xx

Morning Jen or should I say giraffe

I hope you didn’t hurt yourself too badly. Reading your posts always makes me laugh or smile :slight_smile: Even with the problems you face you alweays seem to keep a bright spin on things - you’re like a little ray of sunshine. Enjoy the beach if you go.



He he!! Glad I cheered you all up! It is funny though - laughter is a great medicine - sometimes me & hubby are so creased we can’t speak!!!

It’s mostly if I don’t concentrate - which is usually when I’m feeling happy! If I’m feeling ill I tend to be a lot slower and I concentrate more - when I do daft things then though it tends to be a bit more upsetting.

But then if I’m feeling good I tend to speed up - too much - and I’m all over the place!!

I get this kind of euphoria! It’s hysterical when I’m with my friends - especially after a glass or two of wine! One of my friends has had a stroke & when we are together there is no stopping us!!

We always say we should produce a sitcom or write a book!! We’d be better than Ab Fab! Patsy & Edina have got nothing on us!!

Thanks people for the laughs… You gotta laugh eh… I woke up this morning, fell over one of my two little dogs, climbed up the door trying to get back up and trapped the cats tails in the door. Got downstairs to the kitchen and bounced off the doorframe. Not sure I will survive the shower this morning so wish me luck lol x

Jen - I think you’re wonderful

Nuff said!

Karen x

I spend my life falling over my dogs especially the little one who seems to have become my stalker! I read about these wonderful dogs who help out their disabled owners the. I look at my dysfunctional pair, it’s such a disappointment! Well I have just discovered that while I was on the sofa someone has gone round the house making all the floors tilt and made the door frames narrower!

Well it looks like I’m going camping!!

WHY?? Why am I doing this?? Am I nuts??

My reasoning is I’ve been stuck in the house for 3 months so a change is as good as a rest!

and it’s only 20mins away to the beach so I can come home if things go pear shaped!

Look out campers!!! - Miss Camelooney Giraffer is on her way!!

Have a good weeked everyone xxxxjenxxxx