Thera trainer

Hi, has anyone used a Thera trainer? They are for sale through Medicotech Just wondered if anyone had used one and if they were any good. Many thanks.

Hi, Looks expensive and I’ve not heard of it before. It doesn’t mention the price which makes me wonder it’s going to be expensive. Or are you a sales/marketing person? I used to work in sales.

I would probably go for something a lot more affordable such as a fifteen-pound pedal exerciser. Have you tried one of these before?

Hi, they are expensive at around £2,500. I have looked on Ebay. Unfortunately I can’t use an exercise bike anymore. I had an upright one for years but as my MS got worse I couldn’t get on it anymore. I then bought a recumbent bike but couldn’t get the momentum going to keep pedalling. I have seen the Tera trainer advertised in many MS magazines but as you say there are no prices. I phoned them and they said I could pay monthly, I think over 18 months. Not that I can really afford it. They have a motor in them that helps you pedal.

I just read your message again. No I am not a sales/marketing person!

If not that exact one, I used one very similar at the therapy centre that I used to attend.

Good for keeping the knees loosened up, and trying to make the bad leg work as much as the good one.
Had the option of power assist on the pedals which could be reduced to zero so that you were doing all the work.

It was a very popular piece of equipment


My gym specialises in rehabilitation of the disabled and their one is rarely left idle, which suggests it works rather well. There are another couple by Medimotion that are also well used. A bit of a longshot, but are based in East London and worth a visit if in range.

Oh, and they also have a considerably more expensive RT300 FES Bike.