compare passive cycling machines


I may be looking at getting a passive cycling & upper body exerciser. Whilst Google is useful and supplier websites full of info, I would like to know if anyone has any positive or negative experiences or views.

The real people here who are not incentivised by suppliers are much more credible in my opinion.

Any info or opinions gratefully received.


yes, I have a Thera cycle. It’s pretty good- the only down side is the cost which is considerable - this applies to the servicing as well as the purchase price.

Thanks Tabsky,

I am hoping to try out a Medimotion Viva 2 very soon.


Excuse my ignorance, but I’ve got a cross trainer witch also has a cycle seat attachment so it can be used and programmed as aa exercise bike or cross trainer.

I cant stand long enough to cross train but sitting and using as a bike isnt to bad, you certainly feel the leg muscles working.

It cost £200 I think ?

Would this be as good ?

It would be cheaper I’m sure ?

By passive, do you mean that the machine moves your legs and feet, as opposed to you doing it…???


PS. I’ve just googled it… Sounds good…!!!