Motomed Viva I for sale

I have asked permission of one of the mods if it is ok to post this!

Don’t know how many of you may know of, or have used one of these, but the Reck MOTOmed Viva I is a motor-assisted movement therapy trainer and ideal for people who are unable to use standard exercise equipment. It enables them to exercise their legs passively. Mobile and compact and highly stable (it’s HEAVY) due to the all-metal design, it is used whilst sitting in a wheelchair or standard chair. Ideal for people suffering with MS, stroke, physical weakness etc. Feet and legs are safely secured with velcro into metal ‘shells’. Speed etc. is controlled by a ‘remote’ on handles. Spasm sensor stops machine and gently reverses movement until spasm goes.

If anyone is interested in the north-west Essex area(I am in Harlow) please private message me and I can give more details. Very welcome to view, and I can deliver.

June x


Is the Viava 1 exercise machine still available ? If so I may be interested if it is a reasonable cost. Please contact me by email, please. My email address is [ email address removed by admin - please send user a personal message if interested].

This request is for my wife who has MS.

Thank you


Hi, I have looked into those machines. They look good, but are very expensive. It`s on my wish list for when my numbers come up on the lotto!

Hope you 2 can strike a deal.

luv Pollx