motorr assisted mini exercise bikes

i’m trying to find out about motorised mini exercise bikes. i want to get one to help with my leg strength, my left leg is badly affected but my right is mainly unaffected, i used one of these before which was loaned to me, but i now want to own one. Can anyone help me with an UK distributor as i can only find US ones. Thanking you in advance Monkey1666

Hi, I was interested in something very similar. Except it was a large machine and the price…! Well at £3.5k it is well out of my reach and I suspect many others too!

Try googling the subject, eh? I`ll have a go for you…

luv POllx

Hi, me again. Just googled and read about medico-tech products. There are several. The smallest is, I think, what you are thinking of.

There was a section with price. I clicked on it and of course it didn`t give the price.

I have filled in the request box and asked for a brochure.

Im guessing its extortionate! Have a gander on e-bay, eh?

luv POllx

These were advertised in the last edition of “New Pathways”.

Hi, me yet again…just looked on ebay and found the only one is USA…like you say… it was about £186 + £156 P&P. Probably quite a bit cheaper than the UK ones, but still a lot of brass, eh? I`ll leave you alone now!

luv Pollx

hi Polix, thanks for your hard work, and help, i did find one at Wallmart that wasn’t too pricey, but, they don’t ship them.I have a freind in the us who i’ll ask about shipping costs etc, and see if it’s not too pricey.Iwant one because i think it’ll help with my oedemas in my calfs and also help with atrophy of my leg muscles.

thank you for taking the time and trouble to help and thanks to every one else who commented,

regards Kevin(monkey1666)

Hi Kevin

I have sent you a PM regarding one of these.


Hi, I`m here again. The brochure arrived today! The firm is Meditech. Their cycles start at £695 and go up to £7k!

So you could save a good bit, if you got one from USA.

Why not send for a brochure and then you can read all about the kits.

luv Pollx

I have a Motorised Mini Exercise Bike for sale it has only been used 5 times at the most. It is in excellant condtion, still has the wrapper on the handle bars.

£75 plus p+p

If you want it e-mail me at