Being a Lotto winner I bought one of those MOTOmed cycling (passive or under your own power) and upper body machines. Very expensive (won’t say as they will think I’m advertising) but you can hire them and when the amount for hire reaches the cost of buying; it’s yours.

Advantages; well I’ve only had it a week and can’t keep off the bloody thing. Now I have no exercise on my legs for 33 years and they now feel warm I will put on my profile the web address if anyone’s interested.

I’m so happy getting movement in them again; in fact I’m having a race with Bradley Wiggins later. Perhaps you could get one on the Motorbility scheme?


Oh I`d love one of those!

I have enquired as to the price…oooo a defo no-no at the mo-mo!

Enjoy and watch that speed limit you!