`The woman who lost her face` (not MS)

Hi all, We are under snow again, here in West Yorkshire.

Did anyone see the above programme on channel 5 last night?

Wow! It was about a woman who kept a chimpanzee as a pet…more like a partner really, as she let it sleep and bathe with her. She fed it a humans diet and it got grossley overweight. It went beserk one day and the womans friend tried to calm it down. It attacked her, ripped off her face, eyes, nose and lips and split her skull open. Then it ate her hands! OMW!

She had a face transplant and also hands. The face took well, but the hands had to be removed, as they were rejected by her body.

The programme tracked her treatment and progress. What a brave person she was.


luv Pollx

OMG !! Do you ever watch monkey life ? That’s an altogether nicer programme about chimps !!! Hey Poll, I didn’t realise you we’re quite close to me and even closer to my parents.

Where are you then? I`m in Elland, twixt Halifax and Huddersfield.

luv Pollx

I’m south east Northumberland and parents are Catterick.

Oh, both places are miles from us. I was born in Catterick!

luv Pollx

Forces baby ?


luv Pollx

Hi Poll Yes saw the programme, although missed the beginning so thanks for filling in the blanks. She was one very brave lady… Hope you are as well as expected?? Luv Linda x