Loose Women

Hi guys & gals.

Not been on touch for a while, 5 weeks of almost respite care staying with an old friend. No internet, crazy how I missed it so much.

Back home, not without problems, but that is a separate bit*h.

Watched ‘Loose Women’ on catchup (Thursday this week - 15th) and they spent a good while mocking and laughing about elderly wobblie’s and their shopping trollies. I was going to go into ITV web page and vote for them as the best current affairs programme, but instead sent them the following message:-

Dear Loose Women,

How cruel to mock the afflicted. Most people who use them need to, in order to maintain their independence, and allow them to live their daily lives without having to rely on other people.

I recently, (sitting on my mobility scooter, drinking a coffee, outside a restaurant, to everyone’s surprse was the first person sitting by an outside table on the terrace, to jump to the aid of a very elderly lady (about 70+ ish) who had tripped and fallen on the pavement in front of us. She had a walking stick, handbag and one very small bag of shopping. I slowly helped her, a few deep breathes before I let a couple of young men to help her to her feet. Sat her down, gave her tea, cleaned and dried her head, hands and knees, She was not badly hurt, just severely shaken up. My fellow coffee drinkers went to a ‘Save the Children’ Charity shop nearby where I had seen a square trolley, with four castors and an upright handle. She told me that she could not use it, as it made her look old. I said “Look at me - I am a Spring Chicken compared to you, but I am proud to accept any help to make my life easier”

Since then, she and I meet regularly, and we often race on the High Street together.

Come on Loose Women, look at the photos, me at 50, 55, 63 & 64, I could have been a model for the use of age defying face cream, which I never had to use, until now. Sadly I can’t send you the one at 65, taken for my Blue Badge renewal, as my fingers no longer allow me to use the mobile phone, so can’t ‘bluetooth’ pic’s to my PC, as my fingers just don’t work. If you could see the difference in only one year, I am now the before pic of all new miracle anti wrinkle creams, sadly, the after is not going to happen for me, but I still fight, onward and upward.

Three years ago, I a diagnosed ith Relapsing, Remitting MS, now advanced to Secondary Progressive MD. Not happy with my lot, but at least it is not killing me. Physically very below par, but my brain is not disabled. I go to a gym at least once a week, first time on the treadmill, set to lowest speed, fell flat on my face, n manage about 1 kilometer every time (holding on for dear life)

Brings me on to the next to subject, how would you like this physically disabled old crone, show the youngsters how to write a phone app for Parental Control of their kid’s mobile and PC’

Do come on you Loose ladies, please be more sympathetic. Thank you.

So there you go one and all - up on the soap box again - Take care and lot of hugs - Mary

HI Mary

Congrats on sending such an excellent message to the producers of Loose Women, I really hope they ‘sit up and take notice’. The impatience with, and lack of understanding towards those who are elderly and / or disabled has always been something that has annoyed, frustrated and grieved me… and now I’ve got personal experience of what it’s like to be disabled (don’t consider myself to be elderly just yet!), it’s even more of a frustration.

If only those who mock could have a few hours in the shoes of one of their victims huh?

Hope you enjoyed your respite care - and welcome back to the internet