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Hi all.

Just watched Francesca Martinez on Loose Women. She is a fantastic comedienne and she just happens to have Cerebral Palsy.

She`s on tour of the UK and has done 40 ish gigs out of 50 or so.

She has new names for some medical conditions and refers to herself as wobbly. In her younger days, she had a part in Grange Hill.

Amongst her new names for various illnesses are;

scizophrenic (I cant spell it)…overly imaginative

mentally retarded…Sarah Palin…naughty, I know!

The young man for my neck of the woods, Halifax, who came 2nd on Britain`s Got Talent, Jack, also a great comic, is on Loose Women tomorrow.

Francesca said we should all grab life and never, ever, put ourselves down as not normal. Plenty of the normal people cant do some stuff that we can. True!

Dont hide yourselves away and waste your life is something else she said.

Great girl!

Cheers everyone!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll I watched her too what a lady! Linda x

I forgot to add something, which was actually the reason for my post…

Fran has started a petition to wage war on welfare cuts.

You can find it, if you wanna add your name , by googling Wow petition.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Can I watch Loose Women on demand online? I’m supposed to be working now. Well actually at the moment this is my lunch hour but I have spent a large chunk of this morning on this forum and have ordered father’s day present and card …

Oops, hope my employers don’t watch this site …

Anyway, I always said I didn’t want to be normal - I guess that’s not an option now anyway ha ha ha! I will have to see if I can watch it at home when I catch up with the ironing. I always need something to help with the ironing (not that it helps with getting the wrinkles out but it helps me stick at it!)

Must look up the petition too. I only get the lower rate care component of DLA but I don’t know what I’m going to do when it ends. I very much doubt I will get enough points under PIP and if I can’t afford ready made mash, ready chopped veg and ready meals I’m going to be eating tinned soup - if I can get the tins open …

Tracey x

Hi pollx i remember her in grange hill i knew she had a disability but didnt realise it was cerebal palsy.xx julie

hi poll

i didnt see the show but i’ll get it on catch up.

i always said i didn’t want to be normal too! (man we have to eat our words sometimes.)

what i meant was i didnt want to be seen as normal so i dressed a bit weird.

carole x

Hi, tell us what the weird dressing is like?

I`m into leopard print just now…long tops, converse boots, handbag, purse, gloves, cardigan, hairband…yeh, hairband! Even got pop sox in it too. Still on the lookout for leggings. I use to say leopard print was common and not for me…guess I must be common now! Just call me Bet Lynch!

luv Pollx

She’s fabulous isn’t she. I follow her on twitter.

There’s stuff on Youtube for people who haven’t heard of her.

I SO admire…

Pat x