The shakes

Hi I would really appreciate some advice… For the past fe weeks have suffered with buzzing/ vibrations in various parts of body but for the past 3/4 days I have had a shaking feeling internally tummy and arms slightly diff to the buzzes, and it’s putting me on edge a bit. I have felt a little anxious this week, but am aware of it and trying to manage it. But this is odd almost like a fever shake-( no DX yet 1 lesion on spine 6th nerve palsy and numbness that moved around body lasting 4months ) Any ideas peeps i would be grateful Kirsty x x


I dont mind the shaking in the limbs though I find it embarassing when I’m out.

Its the internal buzzing I loathe. It’s in my trunk and its like internal vibrations, whereas the shakes in the limbs are on the outside.

I notice it’s particularly worse the day after a little vino, ok my own fault…I have it today and it’s horrible.

The closest comparison is my blackberry on vibrate through my trunk, so it that’s what you mean I’m with you :slight_smile:

I’m not diagnosed with ms, I had a bout of transverse myelitis Feb/March that I am still recovering from so I will be intersested if anyone else suffers from this.


Hi Kirsty,

I know what you mean. I get internal vibrations down the right side of my body. I also get them in my head which is not the most pleasant of things. I also get a lot of buzzing and now have a shaking right hand at times and a nodding head but only when I sit down. Also feel dizzy but only when I am inside, the more confined the area the worse it is.

I’ve tried Gabapentin, Pregabalin and Carbamazapen to help with the vibrations but non of them worked.

Take care


Thanks for your replays, I have noticed this has got worse with heat, like a frightened shakes internally and hands too. It is very odd in deed!! Kirsty x x

I went to an exhibition yesterday, not expecting it to be “my thing” but I loved it and stayed all day.

Even though I took my scooter I was exhausted, and when I lay in bed I was silently buzzing in my core and even in my head somehow.

This morning it’s just the thighs buzzing and jellified.

My thighs always seem to get the brunt of pain since being ill - why is that?

By the way the right dose of Gabapentin took this away (900mg x3 day), but I am now in less intense overall body pain so I am trying to reduce down my dose to see if I can just put up with the neuro-weirdo stuff to reduce the side effect of being on such a high dose of drugs.

Gillian x

Hi, I am undx but after 3 weeks of feeling like I was on a runaway train, shaking from head to foot I went to A & E on the advice of my GP. I am taking Alprazolam 0.5, 3 times a day and have really noticed the difference. The shakes haven’t gone completely but so much better. I have rebelled over the last couple of days as there has been a street party going on in the village which I insisted on going to after pretty much 7 months housebound and did pay the price with the tremors whilst out and had to make a dash ( tongue in cheek ) 4 home but the recovery time of 2 days was worth it. It seems to be helping with the feelings of vertigo too. Hope this helps x

Thanks Kirsty & Gillian, I won’t leave it much longer before seeking advice medically I don’t think cos it’s driving me mad!!! Oh the joys of the unknown :slight_smile: keep smiling !! I keep trying Kirsty cx x