Ladies area and vibrating/shaking

Hello hope someone can help. I have internal vibration or tremor or shakes not really sure how to discribe it, it started in my core and lasted few weeks it’s now in my lady parts tops or thighs. Its not painful just odd, Does anyone else have this? And what’s causing it I,m wondering. For example I get it worse when I put head down so must be spinal, but I don’t think it’s l"Herm sign but not sure ! X

Hi hun, I had vibration in my lady bits last week, it was very odd (though not unpleasant ) and I have never had it before. Usually I just get it in my hands and feet. I think it must be just one of those MS things. Will make the most of it next time!


I also get this… in my bottom and underneath me too Very weird. I told my neuro that its like Im shaking inside from the bottom of my ribs to underneath, but that its different than the tremors/jerks I get. Im not diagnosed by the way, though neuro and GP both think I have MS and I am undergoing tests at the moment to find out.

Paula xx

Hi Paula I,m not either my symp started April I have 1 lesion on spine but have had clear MRI with contrast and clear LP so am just in Limbo land I guess until any more happens. Thanks for your reply I start to get worried when things happen. This has been going on for a while now. Kirsty x