Hi everyone, hope you’re all as well as you can be, for the past few weeks, on and off I’m getting this feeling in both of upper arms, the only way I can discribe it is, is it feels like the inside of my arms are jittery, pulsing feeling, I can see no visable movement on the outside, now it seems to be there all the time, its not painful, anyone else had this, take care, Jean x

I get all sorts of weird sensations including buzzing, itching, burning, freezing, tingling, internal “tremor”/movement (difficult to describe) and other things too.

The longest I’ve had something was probably four months, but they all come and go on a regular basis. Pregabalin has worked really well at keeping the painful ones in check.

Karen x

Thanks Rizzo, I get all the other things you mentioned too, I take Gabepentin for mine, I take 1600mg a day, and I have to say at the moment it doesn’t seem to be working, but I’m loathe to increase it, and when I read up about Pregabalin, the side affects put me off, the weight gain for one, so I’m going to see my GP about going to the pain clinic, see what that bring’s, take care, Jean x

Hope you get some relief Jean…one thing after another, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Pat

Yes, I get a sort of “inside trembling” sometimes in my legs or arms.

I describe it like having the feeling of butterflies in your tummy.

If it ain’t one thing, tis t’other.

Take care


Hi Jean

Yes I get a pulsating twitch like sensation which seems to be inside my arms. Its not painful and sometimes can be seen on the outside but sometimes not. It comes and goes without any treatment. I just put it down to one of the odd quirks of MS. It is irritating but not painful, the longest I have in at any one time is about two weeks.

I hope it passess soon for you.

((((Hugs)))) Mary