The second best medicine

After having my arm twisted to try a new pink gin cocktail when out for lunch last week, today I have bought the necessary and intend to try it myself tonight. 2 measures pink gin, 1 measure pink sparkling fizz and a splash of pink lemonade. And a lie in tomorrow already booked.

That’s how you do it Mrs H. All in the name of research clearly your results thus far are promising. As i am sure you are aware the wonders of an inebriated state are often debated in and around these parts… there’s not a very strong argument, if any, against as far as I have seen… Elderflower gin is made by the angels and manufactured in heaven! Please do indulge more and keep us posted xx

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Ooh, I like it. Please let us know the results of this scientific experiment. If I can twist Mr Sssues arm (or maybe give the Death Metal Glare) I might be bought the ingredients!!

Yes please!


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english lavender gin is lovely and a very pretty colour!

that’s what i’ll take up to bed with me tonight.

sue, along with the death metal glare you should try the death metal growl.

it had no impact on the person i was growling at but it made me happy.

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That’s my next one to try… elderflower gin with half elderflower lemonade and half appletiser has been recommended. Apparently a splash of apple schnapps is pretty spectacular too …

It is sliding down a treat. It’s very easy on the palate !! I only bought a mini bottle of pink fizz, in case I didn’t like it. Yuh huh, slaps forehead. I may have to return to buy more because this is just loverly. Hic