I may have this wrong but............ I believe there may be some ginsters here ?

Now purely in the name of MS research and as a valuable source of soothing medicinal libation, I am seeking opinions from like minded ginsters (and not the pasty kind).

I intend to soothe the mind, body and souls of several fellow ginsters, via Auld St Nick, this coming Xmas. I will be infusing my own flavoured gins, making blackberry & apple and raspberry & mint. But would be interested to hear any other suggestions ??

Had a few people say Rhubarb and ginger was their favourite tasting gin at the festivals this year.

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i have a bottle of rhubarb and ginger. also jasmine and rose. pink grapefruit and polmelo. tanqueray sevilla is lovely and refreshing.

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Raspberry and mint sounds nice. So does rhubarb and ginger. I bet Tanqueray Sevilla is nice too. We’ve been doing our own little bit of gin tasting (purely in the name of research) and decided that Edinburgh Seaside gin was horrible no matter what you put in it (but a friend liked it so it has a new temporary home). But Edinburgh 1870 (a sort of botanical/medicinal variety) is very nice with basil. And Bullseye gin is nice with orange (which would be why I think a Sevilla would work!) Elderflower would probably be nice too.

Most gin sounds quite nice to me. If you need any tasters / test subjects, I’d bravely volunteer myself and I dare say you wouldn’t go short of other tasters!! (Just trying to help!)


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As long as you can crochet in a straight line afterward?



Oh I’d hate to force it on you… lol

It might be the start of a brand new design …

my newest addition to my gin cellar is Violet. it’s a lovely colour!

I need coloured gin. Don’t care if it’s pink, violet or sky blue. Will have to persuade the Ginmaster.


Ooooo… Parma violet flavoured… now that’s a fab idea !!

i got it wrong, my new gin is lavender.

still a lovely colour.

lavender gin coming up in 60 seconds.

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Joining you in 3, 2, 1…

Violet Gin is ÂŁ14.99 in B&M just to let you know. I do believe it was tasted by myself & gullible friend last week, unfortunately I do not remember trying it, but the bottle is very nice.

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Sounds yummy x

I was knocking a purple gin last year but nobody seemed very keen on the idea.

Do you think that 60% ABV was a bit low?


My hubby drinks a Naval rum which is 75% !! RN is made of stern stuff !!

So is MrH!!


That’s who I meant… Royal Navy = stern stuff

Why not step it up a level try Methylated Spirits? Claims of curing all known ailments too, in the way of a forever cure haha.

Never wanted tasty gin… So much as now lol!