What'll you have?

Mines a Tia Maria and Coke thanks

Jan x

Baileys please

G & T if you’re pouring, thanks

JD and coke and a packet of pork scratchings please.

Large glass of red wine. Ta!!

A glass of red wine and all the very best


Martini, with olives, would be a nice treat, thanks!

anything as long as it’s not vodka - i drank so much of it last night that i probably won’t touch it again.


Till the next time

Jan x

A beer, ta. Not much of a wine drinker, beer’s my thing. Depends on the time of year; Wychwood Hobgoblin in the winter, Hopback Summer Lightning in hot weather, Shepherd Neame Spitfire or Copper Dragon at any time…!

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fracastorius - i love real ales too.

i love Holts’ if i’m in a Holts pub but try different ones if i’m somewhere with a choice.

i no longer like lager - it’s too fizzy.

crabbies’s alcoholic ginger beer is one of my faves.

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A pint of Stella Artois. Don’t judge me, ha ha.

ooooohhhhhh a large, large baileys with ice please. CHEERS !!!

J x

Mines a champagne but I will have any fiz, not fussy.

Mags xx

Nice cup of tea. Only the tiniest dash of milk. No sugar.

Exactly how I like mine Seren

Jan x