Hi everyone.

The bar is now open,sow place your orders now

Happy hour is 9-10.

Next week is ladys night and will include The Full Monty who would you like to include.

Dead or alive.

Cheers every one.




Can I have a J2O please-any one except the orange and passion fruit one-thanks.

Next week could you arrange for David Essex to be in the bar waiting for me.

I also need to ask you a small favour? Can u ban Polly (just for next week) as she loves David too.

I am really sorry Polly but its a high 'prize' that we both want!


Ellie x

Polly-on second thoughts-maybe we could come to some arrangement-I really am not selfish-I will share with you on this occassion!

please could i have a large g&t and one for every one in the bar, i must be getting pld as i can't think of anyone to do full monty!! how sad is that. thank you kathy

Hi all.


Would a fruit cocktail do.

And who is Gerard Butler.


Know idea what a j20 is,but you are welcome to it.

As for baning Polly i could not do that.


You are right that is sad,so a large g&t it is enjoy.



I realised my error of being selfish. Will be delighted to share David with Polly thumbsup

Its ok Chris-have had a J2O, apple and blueberry,yummy.

Ellie x

Hi Chris, can i have a large rose wine please.

Ian Somerholdan, he is gorgeousblushhes in vampire diaries. julsiexx

Hi All.


Now i know who Jonny Depp is,might have a peek at him myself.


What part do you want,top or bottem.


Red wine on its way,never heard of him,or vampire diary.


Hi Sorry I'm late, can I please have that long gin and tonic with loads of ice. I know I'm outside happy hour so will have to owe you SORRY!!!

Janet x

Hi Janet.

Sending you your g&t with ice you can have it with your breakfast.

You will get your bill in the post.



I think youll have to share, otherwise it could be wheelies at dawn! I dont want DE to strip for me…just to sing

Hold Me Close.

luv Pollx

That`s better!

luv Pollx

hey, i`m still here y`know! Look, how can the owner of `Polly`s Pallace` be banned? That`s just chuffin` daft!

Okay, Ellie, i know you took it no problem luv!

I just like looking at Jonny Depps`s enough for me.

Same with David his voice of course.

i do like to watch Full Monty, as it seems to be on quite often.

And I like the little fella, Robert Carlyle............the way he looks at an audience member is soooo cheeky!

luv Pollyxxxx

ps I missed this post last night, but i`m more awake in the mornings, if anyone else is around. So, I`ll have a double choc with marshmallows please.

Hi Poll

I've heard that if your name's not down, you're not coming in.

Does this place have a bouncer?

If I can get in,  may I have a glass of Retsina please.

Very best Poll



Polly-I have been lying fairly low for a while but I DO recall our previous convos on old site re David! Of course I will share, just just jesting. I dont really want him to strip either-so he can sing to us both-Winters Tale is my fave!

And Titty, a while ago I chucked a drunk out of a Showaddywady concert-does that make me qualified to be bouncer?!!! Hehehehe!

Ellie x

Hi All.

Hi Titty.

One glass of Retsina on the bar for you.

Your ticket is in the post.

Yes we have a bouncer,so enjoy,and no bar room brawl.

 Hi Pollx.

Your double choc with mashmallows is on the bar.

David Exess is booked just for you,sitting on your left,sitting on your right is Robert Carlyle.

So hope that is you sorted.



Your pleasure is my pleasure, Titty (oooerr missus!)

Its Chris who opens the bar, but Ill pass your name to him.

luv Pollx

intall this daftness fun?

luv Pollx

Hi Pollx,

You are right a bit of fun on a Sat night,not a lot on the telly on a Sat night.

So pass my time in the bar.

Have another poker game coming up so i could end up loosing it,try not to.