shift rota

afternoon guys and gals!

Well, hubby has gone to baby/dog sit at daugter`s for the weekend, as she and chap have a weekend away.

I`ve got my 3 gorgeous girls looking after me and our Sophie, on a shift rota.

Oh thats funny! I just made a typo and left out the f` on the second to last word in the previous sentence out…oh we did laff… and it is very apt, as it is one job I fret about…

Anyway, well all be fine and probably wont eve miss his lordship!!! I love him dearly really you know!

Party time? okay, a virtual one. Who`s coming and what do you want to eat and sup?


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I would love to come. I would love Gin and Tonic but better stick to soft drinks. Is eating snacks or a meal ?

polly xx

It`s whatever you want darling!


Keep it simple and do nibbles and sweet treats. It’s your party so what would you have ?

Polly xx

Me? I like ice cream…bucket loads of good quality vanilla ice cream! Not much of a drinker, but quite enjoy a glass of rose wine.


Well as it’s a virtual party I think i’ll have virtual Bacardi and coke please - with lots of ice.

And Chocolate…lots of chocolate :slight_smile:

count me in i,ll bring the cheesey nibbles on and a whisky and coke with lots of ice for me please xx


Can I come for a virtual glass of Prosecco and some salted pretzels. I’ll bring Sophie a virtual bonio.

Enjoy the girls weekend Poll. (Nice typo!)

Sue xx

Hi Poll

May I join in?

Could you get me a bottle of Dom Perignon please. The 2003 Rose if possible

love youxxxxxx

Course you can! No invite necessary and yeh, your bubbly awaits you.

Luv pollx

I’ll come! I’ll channel Paul Merton, a la Who’s line is it anyway, and bring along the Twiglets :smiley:

This vanilla ice cream…you talking the kind with bits of vanilla bean in it, yes?

Speckled Hen and some er videos…

Ooo Boojum, even specifying the vintage! Can I share your champagne instead of the Prosecco?

Oh yes please Polly I’d love to come. Glass or two of wine please and lots of naughy nibbles - home made sausages rolls etc. Could just do with a party so turn up the music and I’ll bring my dancing shoes :wink:

H x

If it is open invite and virtual , I would like to order some warmish sunshine a bucket of Pimms and some marmite cashews.

Looking forward to the banter. M

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ooh! i was going to ask for gin and tonic but mogace’s sounds better.

so warmish sun and bucket of pimms for me too!

never heard of marmite cashews but i’ll give them a try!

carole x

I didn’t know we could order up the right weather conditions too. I’ll give Micks warmish sunshine a go as well.

That’s funny, i was thinking that perhaps I should have gone for G&T. As for nuts, if you are not sure about marmite then plain cashews are good too

Anyone got a fine single cask malt?

Not that marmitey but I love them …